Google data feed for amibroker forex

I have been heavily involved in forex since late 2007. My approach to trading is therefore very analytical, focused on simplicity, adaptability, capital preservation and the reliable google data feed for amibroker forex of analysis tools to obtain accurate estimations of possible future risk and profit scenarios. I attempt to understand mechanical trading strategies, their basis and their potential as deeply as possible, spending a large amount of time each week analyzing and designing new trading systems.

Of course, this blog is also a very important source of information where I publish many of my findings as well as many different tips, suggestions and educational material regarding automated trading and the development of this type of strategies. I am James Chidolue, a regular visitor to your website-mechanicalforex. I never thought that I could find such info for free. I have a system that i believe is quite profitable in the long term. Entries and exits are also based on the 4 hour chart.

I would give a full disclosure of how the system works to you. Thanks in anticipation of your reply. I am glad that you find my website and the information provided within it useful. I will continue to do my best to share high-quality information !

I cannot help you right now with the coding, etc do to my current commitments but there are many forums on the internet dedicated to automated trading systems where you can share your system and get help with the programming if that is what you intend to do. Daniel, i want to use that pivot breakout system you had in currency trader Dec 2010 issue. I want to try it with different pairs. But how can i get it to trade automatically for me? 1, If I am a member do I have to pay extra for your programmed EAs? 2, What is long-time trading for you?

How fast could you live from your monthly earnings? How big should be your account? 3, What is your profit target per month for your long-time trading system? 4, Are you only trading your EA systems or are you still trading manual?

Many thanks for answering these questions! There is no extra fee for the systems, the membership includes all of them. I trade for a living so for me long term is 10-30 years. In order to live from automated trading it will depend on how much you would expect to earn per year but a safe bet would be about 5 to 6 times your expected yearly salary, which should be about 200-300K account for most people on first world countries. However it might take you about 2-3 years to live from this while you truly get an understanding and learn how to do this. There is no profit target per month, a focus on such short term results is unrealistic as short term outcomes are for the most part random. All systems can have months with profits or losses and expecting every month to turn out a certain value is an exercise in futility.

In Asirikuy we keep our focus on longer term results. Most of what I earn is derived from the trading of Asirikuy systems. I believe that you may be looking for the wrong thing here. Asirikuy focuses on teaching people how to create, build and use automated trading systems successfully. If you are preparing to spend several hours each week learning, develop an in-depth understanding of the logic of the systems and walk a path based on evidence and understanding towards long term profitability in automated trading then Asirikuy is the right choice for you. I read through you ebook and test your EA Antinalla FE.