Gft vs forex com

Other gft vs forex com of this company include gfttuk. Make certain that you fully understand this policy and its implications.

You might be able to use a multi-day trend to your advantage or might have your profits trimmed if price goes the other direction. Let other traders know if this service is worth checking or should be avoided. Inactivity fee only applies if you do not trade for 60 days and it is possible to give them a notice and they will freeze the account so there will not be any inactivity fee. If I did not have an experience with the GFT UK, I would have an impression that this is a scam. I would advice anyone looking for a good brooker never open an account with GFT : they ‘re professionnal scammer . Ombudsman or to go to court. Many different tricks with their platform to prevent you to close your winning trade.

Stop order you have previouly canceled reappear coincidentally , closing your winning trade. I openned an account on GFTUK. Underline again, not just simple service, but constructiveness. There are some data which is set automaticly, such as users leverage and minimum lot size. Even if you will enter all these data in application form, re-confirm it with them as per your money management and trade plan. For instance, my default leverage had been set as 1:200.

Just realize that while your deposit is 10. So it is important for you to know what you want exactly. Also you can’t trade lots less than 1. I mean many brokers accept that type of orders. That’s why user must select minimum lot size.