Gft forex software

You can use gft forex software account with standard lot size for trading in Tradecision. Indexes, listed US stocks, closed-end mutual funds that trade as listed stocks. Yearly billing plan and no exchange fees.

Available after market hours, from 1:30 p. Finance provides consumers with a broad range of comprehensive online financial services and information. User-configurable ASCII import wizard allows you to read quotes stored on your local hard drive in a format you can define. Tradecision Data Manager is flexible enough to import most date-based end-of-day price data from an ASCII file. Forex, equities or futures trading involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors.

They don’t have most of important tools such as trailing stops, . Nearly 10 months of trading with over 500 orders placed and I find CMC excellent in service and trading platform. After reading some other adverse reviews of forex brokers I’m relieved I started with CMC. The platform works fine but you need about a gig of ram with xp to be ideal.

It is certainly okay with 512 ram but 1 gig is the ideal. Old computers may have lock up issues. Parallels and am unable to place Linked Orders. SO far so good, been with them for 6 months, the platform could use an upgrade, but I hear one is in the works. Spreads and customer service are solid. I haven’t seen any orders hunted as yet. I recommend you check them out.

Works most of the time with share spreadbetting. However – once I lost my connection 5 seconds after my first trade for weeks, a very short term volatility play, that was supposed to last about 30 seconds. I finally closed my position about 3 minutes later. Much more worrying though was a pending stop order was triggered when the displayed screen price was nowhere near the stop. You may see my earlier review above. This review is an update as I would hate for people to make a judgement on my earlier review alone. In short, the software behavior changed in an instant from my earlier excellent execution to extremely sluggish execution, with price re-quotes nearly guaranteed upon clicking buy or sell.

There is a huge difference between demo and real trading. What they promise on their web site – fast execution and tight spreads – you will see on demo only. In reality requotes are all the time even if the price stays within 15 seconds on the spot. For example, I wanted to sell at . 6098 price moved to better . You will enter to the market using pending order if the price moved 15-20 pips further. Also do not trust those who leave good reviews.

1:10 leverage or even 1:20 leverage, all they gave me was 1:100 and 1:200 leverage, clearly bs, but all these forex scams are going to go bust due to the banning of short selling. The psychology of markets has changed, more likely to be artifically inflated, and thus if everyone goes long with enough capital CMC will go bankrupt. However the problem is that they will pull every trick such as fake quotes and so on. The forex scam will never die, so be careful everyone!

Too bad- they had a nice platform with great technical analysis studies that could be saved. I have struggled to find a broker who has a similiar platform. Does anyone know of a good US-regulated Forex broker? Can any experienced traders out there name an honest firm to do long term business with. PS I’m one of those really heard of traders that actaully makes money. CMC Markets runs a wire siphoning scam. They brokered a backroom deal with Natwest bank to skim undisclosed wire fees from wires that enter and leave CMC’s Natwest bank account.

The amount you send is not what appears in your account, even if you are in the domestic SEPA region. And when you withdraw funds, you are shorted then too, by an different undisclosed amount. 18:03 london time while price was around 1. 1955 a very long candlestick over 1. They scam not all,but selected individuals. While i were trading on their platform it frose completely, then when it starts working again you realize that you lost thousands. R100 000 in a month trading with them.

They make false promises but really they dont give a damn about you. Frequent Requotes, huge spreads, platform freezing crap. I was making money with CMC and they started playing with my platform until I was cleaned out. Big scam of a company, i cancelled a stop loss and they executed it. Lost over 150k in 2 weeks. Do not use these scammers, system always has problems, ofcourse in favour of cmc.

They start to charge “Price data feed” for shares on 01Dec2012. As long as you buy shares thru CMC or still holding position, they charge you “monthly”. There are so many things I hate about CMC that I’d feel better writing what I like about them. Their staff is polite – at least, more polite than other brokers’ staff. Of course, they are also very condescending. I KNOW all the stuff about technical analysis, money management, position sizing, stop losses, etc.