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0 of 0 gft forex dubai office found this review helpful. BEST ADVISE: BE CAREFUL WITH CITYINDEX. Until yesterday I was buying and selling 200 and 100 and made money.

Today to open 20 they do re quote at higher price . If you are losing they will gain anyway but if you are making money. You will only be entitled to close any Open Positions during this period as we reserve the right to refuse to allow you to enter into any further Trades or Orders, which may lead to you holding further Open Positions. If open positions remain on your Account as at 24. You will be able to close these positions of your own volition, at any point up until the time of your Account closure.

30 day notice period ends, you may do so in accordance with clause 30. 5 of our General Terms by notifying us in writing. Please call our Client Management Team on 0845 355 0801should you have any outstanding balances that need to be returned to you. Yes I concur with those who recognize that this broker is a scam. I was with GFT for about 4 years before they were bought out by Gain Capital, who then closed GFT and moved all their clients over to City Index. I was genuinely keen to give them a fair chance to keep up the good name of GFT.