Free forex trading software with signals intelligence

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Consulting Are you interested in Bitcoin or another Cryptocurrency, issuing an ICO, or free forex trading software with signals intelligence to trade Bitcoin? Beware the dangers of scam artists in a new market like Crypto!

Currency Consulting The Currency market is changing rapidly. While Forex is the largest market in the world it is also the least understood and the most opaque. If you are involved in the Forex market or are interested in participating, it is critical to have a Forex Expert to guide you through the Forex minefield. Depending on your needs EES provides members with a comprehensive consulting package. All packages include access to our Forex strategies and extensive Forex knowledge base.

Click here to sign up as an Elite Member. Market Analysis EES can provide global market analysis for your institution or fund, based on our Global macro analysis doctrine. EES publishes some Forex related analysis publicly on Seeking Alpha and on EES Forex Blog. Trading Systems EES develops quantitative systems for the foreign exchange market.

Other systems include modeling components for MT4 and Tradestation, and customized black box systems for use with FIX. Optional monthly EES FX Subscription provides regular updates to new strategies, support, and custom templates. This product was discontinued, but is still available for purchase for developers. CTA Incubation Are you considering becoming a money manager?

Are you a trader with a strategy that is considering trading for clients? Or are you an existing RIA or money manager considering trading Forex or Futures? EES has resources that can assist you in building a managed accounts business. Starting with regulation and compliance consulting, EES will guide you through the process and provide tools to make it as simple as possible. Development EES can program your trading system for the MT4 platform in MQL or using FIX API. EES has programmed over 2,500 EAs for MT4 and has developed several black box FIX based systems.