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Pakatan Harapan, especially Mahathir and DAP, have only one thing in mind. As long as Mukhriz gets to become Prime Minister and Malays no longer dominate Malaysian politics it does not matter how that is achieved. On 3rd Forum forex malaysia yang 2012, about 11 months before GE13, Lim Kit Siang issued the statement below.

The real reason Mahathir is worried is because all his financial scandals in his 22 years as Prime Minister will be revealed’. In that statement, Kit Siang emphasised that Bank Negara lost RM30 billion gambling on the forex market. USD27 sehingga USD33 bilion iaitu lima kali ganda simpanan rizab asing dan seluruh asset bernilai USD20. While Pakatan Harapan justifies it by saying that they need the Malay votes and only Mahathir can bring in those Malay votes, this seriously damages Pakatan Harapan’s image and reputation and demonstrates that it lacks principles, dignity and honour. Winning the elections is important but not to the extent of becoming political prostitutes. Even prostitutes have dignity and will not abandon their dignity just for the sake or money. Pakatan Harapan, however, considers principles, dignity and honour as without any value whatsoever as long as they achieve their ends.

History has shown that this is a recipe for disaster. Russia defeated Nazi Germany using this strategy but at a huge cost to human lives. And if Mahathir can accept Kit Siang and DAP as his political ally just to make his son the Prime Minister after what they have been saying about each other for more than 30 years, that also means he would do anything to achieve his objective. The English term for this is Mahathir, Kit Siang and DAP are a bunch of desperadoes. And desperadoes would sell their own mothers if need be.