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After years of confusion the American Institute of Architects published standards on the different levels in 2008. The five levels are designated as: LOD 100, LOD 200, LOD 300, LOD 400 and LOD 500. Each level has different content requirements and occurs at different stages of the design and construction process. Each level builds on the previous and represents a more detailed level of completeness. LOD 100 is the first level and is typically used for building massing indicative of area, height, volume, location and orientation. This level provides limited cost estimation based on area, volume or similar conceptual estimating techniques. LOD 200 progresses into modeling generalized systems with approximate quantities, size, shape, location and orientation.

Cost estimating is based on approximate data from the model along with conceptual estimating techniques. LOD 300 contains elements modeled as specific assemblies accurate in terms of quantity, size, shape, location and orientation. LOD 400 contains all elements from level 300 plus complete fabrication, assembly and detailing information. Elements at this level can be used for construction and cost estimates become more accurate since they are based on the actual cost of specific elements at buyout.