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Click to Run the downloaded file. By clicking to run this downloaded file you agree to forex university opinie Microsoft Service Agreement and Privacy Statement. After a successful 6 year sales career I wanted a change. Yet without a Bachelor’s degree I had problem finding a job.

YESFX’s Successful Trading System course has been a really helpful tool for my experience as a trader to the company for over a year. This course offers a wide range of emotions, from the initial skepticism, to fear of the unknown and later curiosity, and hunger to learn more as time progresses. It is quite a long course that requires dedication, concentration and patience and will often leave you with many questions. In 2011 I became self employed and started my own Forex consulting company in order to make a living by trading, teaching and helping others how to trade successfully without the emotion that kills many people in this business.

I have been trading for over 1 year. This career path is exciting and fits to my professional goal becoming soon a CFA charterholder. I heard about YESFX online making a research for forex remote traders. I am trader for 4 years and have so far only traded my own account.

For some time I had the target to enter in the Professional Trading and to manage Company Funds. The whole YESFX Team is very friendly, helpful and always professional. I have been a trader since July 2012. I became interested in trading stocks.

I personally made my debut in the FX society during Trader Training program I had in March 2015. Amazing experience would be the least to say. From beginning to end of our course, our lecturers and mentors who have years of experience in the field, were by our sides at all times giving us insights and providing us with the right knowledge, in order to become traders and gradually successful ones. I recently had the wonderful experience of being trained for the first time as a FX Trader at YESFX. Our tutors and mentors are magnificent trainers and the course of YESFX Prop-traders training program was a delight. I have achieved things that I never thought that it was possible and not to my knowledge. I have been trading with yesfx for under a month now and have found the trainers and mentors very helpful.

Working as an dealer full time and trading with Yesfx allows me to simultaneously do both. I chose to trade to expand my knowledge, I feel it’s a path you are constantly learning. Figuring out different strategies, understanding effects of high Read More. I started trading FX in 2008. In October last year, after working at the World Bank Group for 15 years, I decided to quit a comfortable managerial position there to focus exclusively on FX trading. It was not an easy decision, but my job had kept me away from my family for the most part of my time at the Bank and the children were growing up without Read More.

It has been two months that I entered the foreign exchange industry and I am happy that I decided YES FX to be my source of knowledge. With the appropriate knowledge and practice the tutors of YES FX provided me with important aspects which help me to achieve my goal to become a successful trader. The work environment is friendly as a result of making you feel comfortable. Success as a trader is a career many seek but very few achieve. I welcomed the intellectual rigor that the management team demanded and I am a better trader because of it.