Forex trading vs stock market

Buy all stock indexes , sell whatever volatility you can sell . P downgrade , time forex trading vs stock market buy DB . Good for some companies , bad for others . As a whole I would guess positive for the markets .

Spin on deal with dictator Kim Jong Un positive for markets . Italy , at least respects the will of the voters . USDJPY to move higher , EURJPY to move higher , EURGBP to move higher , VIX to move lower . 11678 and 11697 mag level any price above or below them will return to them. 11678 -11697 strong mag area .

5 yards of 117 expiring today. EU and euro are doomed to disintegrate and crumble and forgotten. What is left with EU now de facto? Only Germany and France, even the latter is hmmm. We have completed our first AT Master Class designed to introduce you to our advanced trading techniques that you can apply immediately to your trading. Published by the very very Solid FED. Goes for Trump and for Italy .

Yes these people trade millions of shares a minute and keep smile on their faces. Mr and Mrs 401K holders – this is how WE make your investments GROW. We remain Calm in a crisis and Do what’s BEST for YOU. SToX are for the few, who care less about those two. Both took a major turn in the last 15 days. Treasurieswith the sell off Not So Much.