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The Rise of Islamic Finance: What Does it Mean for Consumers? Live Streaming Platforms in Asia: Will They Overcome Twitch? Is it a Good Idea to Invest in Singapore’s Startups? Crowdfunding Investing Platforms Investors in SME crowdfunding markets have the opportunity earn high returns by lending to small businesses that were traditionally only serviced by financial institutions.

Often, these investments have the potential to combine great yields with relatively low risks. Below, we highlight three of the best platforms for SME crowdfunding investing. In our view, the Funding Societies platform offers investors one of the best crowdsourcing options for SME loan and invoice financing investments. Funding Societies boasts the highest asset quality and the best track record. For instance, its default rate of 1. P2P lenders that are typically considered to be riskier.

Graph showing the Minimum investment per financing campaign requirement of five major P2P platforms in Singapore. Furthermore, Funding Societies is unique in that its founders and employees invest in the same opportunities as investors, which aligns their incentives with retail investors and ensures their investment portfolio is closely filtered. Additionally, Funding Societies’ fee, minimum initial investment, and minimum investment per campaign are lower than almost all other platforms, allowing all types of investors to participate. Kapital Boost’s Asset Purchase Financing is safer for investors because it indicates that the borrower has a specific financing need to acquire specific equipment. Kapital Boost is also the only crowdfunding platform in Singapore without an investor fee.

Moolahsense’s fee is lower than even that of Funding Societies. Its minimum starting investment and investment per campaign are also among the lowest available, which gives many individuals the opportunity to invest. One drawback, however, is that Moolahsense’s default rate of 3. Best Equity Crowdfunding Investment Platforms Equity investments present investors with the exciting prospect of owning a share of a potentially high-growth startup, which entail both high risk and high return relative to debt investments. Here, we review two of the best options for crowdfunding equity investment platforms in Singapore. 5,000, investors have the rare opportunity to purchase equity in early-stage startups.

The platform also requires startups to meet revenue and operational requirements, which gives investors a stronger set of investment options. This gives investors a pool of competitive businesses to consider. Real estate investments allows investors to invest in tangible assets with longer term investment horizon. For investors who are interested in investing in real estate, Investacrowd is the best crowdsourcing platform. According to our research, Investacrowd is the only crowdfunding platform in Singapore that provides access to short and long-term debt and equity real estate investments with competitive rates.

How to Compare Crowdfunding Platforms Proper research and analysis is required for choosing between crowdfunding platforms. When comparing platforms it is important to consider factors that impact expected returns. First, investors should understand the potential risk and return profile associated with the types of investments offered by each platform. Investors may also find it helpful to review statistics detailing the performance track record of each platform. Prospective investors may want to also compare percentage of on-time payments and total number and volume of deals completed.

It is prudent to invest with platforms that openly provide information about their performance on their website or from their customer service teams. Crowdfunding platforms as we could find. Comments and Questions View the discussion thread. Any information relating to financial products are for reference and general information only, and do not have regard to specific needs of any individuals. Consumers should inquire with the relevant financial institution if they have any questions, including eligibility to buy financial products. Risk warning: Your capital is at risk.

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