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403 Forbidden Request forbidden by administrative rules. I am in search of a good Live Futures Trading Room. Save your money and use it for actual trading, all the forex trade room michael stormie you could ever need is available for free.

Thats not far wrong, the only one I found any value in was Phil Newtons live trading room. Its for forex traders only as far as I remember. Any constructive criticisms on these or other rooms? I know most are bs, but would help if there were constructive feedback with these comments.

10K and a year of my life and thus necessarily became shrewd as to when people were trying to blow smoke. In the beginning it’s hard to know who to believe. You don’t know that you don’t know. That being said I have had experience with a couple of educators that were patient and willing to help me out for much less money. I have found these two have been worth the time and money, although ioamt has gone up considerably since I was a member there. Hi, i have been looking at Whichwaytodaycom for a while, its live forex and indices a mixture of scalp and swing, its run by a well known guy called tom hugaard he spoke alot on bloomberg etc. But it does not seem like anyone knows about it on t2w.

NOT in the FLOW, so will always lose! Maybe have a look at that room if you are still looking! Hi guys just fyi the above guys are offering free trial for a week. Today Hougard and lot are doing a live seminar today at Saxo, so we are able to listen to the seminar live in our living room. I was going to join Phil Newtons room, his new strategy Furquad which he does webinars for on fxstreet looks qiute easy to do, but i do not like the lack of results shown, he knows what this industry is like and without a view of potential results of the strategy people are always going to be wary of a scam!

If it is profitable why not just show results? If the moderator removes this, because they see it as advertising, I apologise. Hey Tom, you da one of the best around, so I am sure a bit of advertising is allowed by the moderators! Tell you I owe my success to 3 guys, and one of them is YOU, the other 2 are Jay Lakhani of Bindal FX and third is Peter Bains of forexmentor. Tom, any suggestion from you the master on mental fitness will be appreciated. Fair play to you Tom for posting here, could you tell me are there members in your room who get similar or the same results as yourself and Paul in the room? Is it a live voice room like some of the others using omnovia?

Hi Mr Charts, would you ever consider having a live room of your own? Forex Community and i found the whole idea interesting. The only thing that worried me a little bit is the fact that John seems to spend more time explaining why the other courses are bad rather than why his is good. Which Live Trading Room to use.

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And a Pretty Damn Good Cook. Molly’s Game is a movie that has nothing to do with the markets, but every trader should see it, for this one scene alone. One of the best trading resources that I recently discovered is Andrew Swanscott’s podcast called Better System Trader. Why do we REALLY Lose at Trading? That’s a famous Wayne Gretzky statement that many trading gurus like to quote. Load more No more posts to load. Our mission at BKForex has always been to help you become a profitable forex trader through high quality trade ideas, support and education.

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