Forex tools review

MT4 EAs include Forex Pulse Detector, Forex Trend Hunter, Forex Gap Trader for online currency trading. Let other traders forex tools review if this service is worth checking or should be avoided. I have tried the Forex Pulse Detector robot.

They provide unlimited demo before purchase, which is a very big plus. Very happy with the performance so far. Trading FX or CFDs on leverage is high risk and your losses could exceed deposits. We are committed to the fair handling of reviews and posts regardless of such relations.

All rights reserved under US and international law. Forex Trading Tools Forex tools are reviewed and analyzed. 360 is extremely functional, accessible to traders of all skill levels, we can recommend it to anybody who wants to do their analysis and trading with the same software package. Tora is forex trading software with innovative features like ability to open multiple positions in a single click, a community module with championships and chat and the best GUI in the forex market. This is a amazing tools for pro forex traders having more than 100 technical indicators that measure trends, momentum, and volatility. This Forex simulator comes in quite handy for beginners as well as the experienced traders.

It has the provision to combine the forex price data management via advanced charting controls and digital record keeping. This Forex simulator has an easy to use interface and has numerous views to mix and match and customize the trading strategy along with the ability to display 20 currency pairs in a different window. This Forex technical indicator tool eliminates the trend in prices by filtering cycles longer then their moving average. This tool identifies short-term cycles for a quicker determination of potential overbought and oversold levels.

This Forex tool provides powerful Fibonacci analysis experience through advanced trading analysis strategy and powerful indicators for Fibonacci ratios to forex trading. The set of indicators are modular in nature, hence can be used selectively or together. This Forex tool is used plan, track and analyze an individual’s investment. With the more than 400 powerful built-in functions, a trader can create custom indicators and functions, freely mix different currencies and markets and multi-currency portfolios. This is a free forex tool that enables you to learn forex trading with the help of a virtual trading desk. This Forex Charting tool is directly connected to the MTI’s online multimedia room with professional traders and online video mentoring facility.

This Forex tool tracks the trading open positions based on the exit rules framed by a trader and allows full automatic execution of the trade strategies. This Forex simulator comes in handy for the pivot point forex traders. This tool acts as a simulator for the new traders as well as performs as a fully functional trading tool for the experienced traders. The FXCM Trading Station is a great trading station that feeds real-time streaming prices and offers a No Dealing Desk execution option is designed for active forex traders. FXCM offers traders all the advantages of a No Dealing Desk option with the added benefit of the ability to place orders over the phone 24 hours a day.

This Forex trading tool that helps in determining low risk trade opportunities and also helps predict how much to risk on a trade. The Seer application has the ability to backtest and optimize multiple systems across multiple time frames through its Advanced Position Sizing mechanism. This Forex analyzing tool comes with multiple features including the ability to sort trades by pips, date, time, day of week or pair as well as providing the provision to look up the strategy that has been framed in form of numbers. This Forex indicator projects execution charts or main timeframe trading chart, trading signals from higher timeframes and allows traders to concentrate on the timeframe they are trading while having the important upper timeframe signals in front of them at all times. This Forex EA tool is an automated application that does not use charts or graphs to analyze the market but features opens trades from the stocks that possess the highest potential for profits.