Forex overbought oversold strategy pc

This indicator is part of a complete trading strategy! The 28Pairs Currency Strength Trading System – also known as Double-GAP Strategy – is our primary trading philosophy forex overbought oversold strategy pc is based on exploiting individual currency strength and weakness.

Serious traders know that currency strength trading is the most lucrative form of trading because of the choice of pairs combined with strength and weakness. What is Advanced Currency Strength28 Indicator? It is the first of its kind in Forex Trading to show CURRENCY STRENGTH with a new formula and very new features! There are big differences with common currency strength indicators.

We have invented is a new formula to calculate currency strength and the very new features Market Momentum and dynamic Market Fibonacci Levels which adapt to current market activity! Market momentum is the 9th line. It lets you know if the Market is active or passive. Each time frame is optimized on its own!