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Try one of the links above, or see our site map. Next Generation XML forex news feed xml files  The new LME Next Day Delayed XML Feed is now available. The LME’s Next Day Delayed XML Feed allows you to easily integrate LME Data into your website or internal applications. This low cost data feed is XML-based and updates daily at 00.

Please note: existing XML customers will have access to the current LME Next Day Delayed XML Feed and the new next generation Feed during the parallel run period until 31st December 2017. From the 1st January 2018, the current version will not be accessible. Contact us For further information please get in touch. 2018 The London Metal Exchange – an HKEX Company. What are the cancellation procedures once I have subscribed to the LME XML Next day feed? I would like to view historical LME market data. How can I access this data?

What data is available on the LME XML next day feed? The XML Data Specifications contains details on all available data. What is the time delay of the next day data? What is the cost of the LME XML next day feed? We offer annual subscriptions only for this feed.

What is the difference between a Cash, 3 month, 15 or 27 month price? Cash prices represent the current price in the market for spot contracts. Do you offer a free trial? Do you provide support on how to understand XML? LME XML Data Specifications will provide the information your developers will require to integrate the service with your systems please contact Customer Support for a copy. Do you provide training on how to understand LME data?

The LME has an education team who deliver seminars throughout the world. How do I subscribe to the LME XML next day feed? How is the settlement price established? How can I be licensed as an LME next day data distributor? Please complete the Licensed Data Distributor Application Documents and send this to the LME. 30 minute delayed market data from the LME? The LME also distributes its market data through Licensed Data Distributors.

These distributors range from data vendors to specialist industry publications and news providers. You do not need to become a member of the Exchange to access LME market data. The LME offers a limited set of free data products delivered on a next day delayed basis. This data can be accessed from the Free Data Service, after completing a simple registration process. LME data available free of charge includes pricing information and a limited number of reports for LME non-ferrous metals, steel billet and plastics contracts.

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