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I am a American who retired from his job in Boston and moved to Penang, Malaysia to live. After my first working vacation in Vietnam, I had a feeling that I would like to spend more time in Southeast Asia. I loved the food, the people, the landscape and the culture. I seriously started considering retiring somewhere in Asia, a few years before I forex market time malaysia kuala could take early retirement.

I decided to visit different countries in Southeast Asia to get an idea which would be the best country to retire to. Each year I took a two week vacation and spent time in a different country. I felt would be most to my liking. After visiting each I then had to research the retirement options offered by each and the cost of living and lifestyles each offered. Taiwan and Singapore were eliminated as being way too expensive and they had no special retirement options for expats.

I really liked the people of Malaysia and their varied cultures. The one aspect about Malaysia that I loved was the variety of different cuisines that could be found in Malaysia. It reminded me of the various cuisines I could find in my hometown of Boston. Communication in Malaysia was not a problem, as many people speak English quite well.