Forex is my hope dream and lover

A businessman, Emeka Ndu, on Tuesday told a Jikwoyi Customary Court, Abuja, that he `blindly married an Forex is my hope dream and lover-positive wife out of love. Ndu was responding to a divorce petition filed by his wife, Ella.

Before we got married, I and my wife went for an HIV test, my wife tested positive, while I tested negative. He stated that he was warned not to marry her because of her attitude, that if he did, he would surely regret it, but that too did not stop him. Ndu told the court that he started taking care of his wife from when she was in Senior Secondary School, paying her rents and school fees up to the university level. He said that all he could get from his wife as a reward for his love was infidelity. My wife brings her lovers into our matrimonial home and makes love with them. The respondent also said that when his wife was in charge of his shop, there was always a shortage of cash which she cannot account for.

He prayed the court to grant him custody of the children. Ella Ndu, the petitioner, who was also present in court, denied all the allegations and prayed the court not to grant her husband the custody of the children. The judge, Mr Everyman Eleanya, adjourned the case until July 13, for further hearing. New political appointment for you indirectly to your wife .

Find another enemy to talk about , leave Baba-Agba alone ! The pension law says that he must have two houses in Lagos, two in Abuja plus the financial benefit. This will never see that clause. These are people who shouted on top of their voices when Akwa-Ibom passes their bill. Love or hate him, he has revealed something about what Tinubu was given that a lot of people never knew. Has Tinubu stolen the said property or has he being arraigned for corruption or being jailed? Come out with verifiable evidence of this if you are sincere.

What Tinubu did is more than stealing. Definitely, he aided the passage of such terrible package because he was going to be the first beneficiary. You were crucifying Akpabio for N100 million annually. But here you are justifying LASG pension that gives two houses to Tinubu in Lagos, two in Abuja and unspecified financial benefits. How can the rich be getting stinkingly richer and the poor getting poorer daily. People are talking only about peace, unity of the country without saying a word about the ingredients of peace and unity. Na wen for 9ja people go shine dem eye well well an see the thins wey dey hapun?

Kettle no fit curse pot say im black. How the two of dem take become black fit dey different but the end result be sey DEM BLACK. Thats why Nigeria is getting worst everyday. All this old cargos should go on compulsory retirement after the CONFAB. But total of four houses in Abuja and Lagos is wrong. I mean is too much for a state to provide for an ex-governor.

The law should either be amended or abolished. This is the one we know of. What does pension for presidency said? Trust it will be breath taking. It is only in Nigeria a shameless common thief like Bode George can open his maggot infested mouth to lecture us about morality. Osun State Claims Being Cheated By Federal Government. Osun state owes over N413 billion to both local and foreign Banks and Companies.