Forex insider information example

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Jaks: Why the Share Price is Falling? Can Star Forfeit the RM 50 Million Performance Guarantee? Trade this stock and win a FREE I3investor T-shirt after 5 trades. If you read my appeal carefully you should notice that since I retired as director of IJM more than 20 years ago, all my profit is from the stock market which is not taxable.

In the history of Malaysia, no one has been taxed form profit from share investment. This policy is to encourage people to invest in listed companies so that they can use investors’money to do more business. As long as you have an income, you are required by law to submit your tax return to LHDN. Whether they are taxable or not is secondary. You claimed that all your income since 20 years ago are from share investments. It is well within LHDN’s right to request for documentations to prove what you said is true.

It is not unreasonable for them to suspect that your millions could have been obtained through illegal means or some dodgy deals. I don’t see how the LHDN is harassing you. So, unless you have something to hide why not just comply and submit to them the information that they requested. There is no need to get the prime minister involved in your personal matter. As for the crudeness, that is just a dose of your own medicine.

There is a difference between investor and trader, does uncle koon short the stock and earn the money or buy and sell in short term to get the quick cash, that should be considered trading and need to submit for tax. In Malaysia, I think only property kept less than 5 years is taxed for capital gain tax, but not stocks. 33 pls read my 2 comments carefully. I really do not know if the taxman is right or wrong.