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FIFA World Cup 2018: Which teams have the best chances of winning the World Cup in Forex gold trader v4ink? I have been at it with scam brokers such as Option Stars Global lately because it seems like the root of the problem stems from there.

The recent boom of scam brokers is mainly because of the boom in binary options trading. As many legitimate brokers refuse to work with some of the scams out there, a new type of broker has popped up. Though there are some legitimate brokers that are connected to some of the scams out there, you will rarely see them. Usually it is because they have not caught on that a scam website is the one that is sending them their traders. Though brokers are always desperate for new traders, the legitimate ones know well enough that connection to them will ruin their name.

This is a broker that has been around since 2015. This is the first sign that this is probably a scambroker. Option Stars Global is owned by Novox Capital Ltd. They are located at 60 Regeane St. The Option Stars Global Scam Broker Website and Platform When you land on the Option Stars Global website you immediately notice that their website is so badly made that you are surprised that it exists at all. Obviously, they don’t pay much attention to detail, not to mention probably have not visited their own website since creation or else this issue would have been fixed. This is very worrisome because it means that they give the rest of their business the same type of attention.

This broker uses the Tradologic platform which offers all major Forex pairs as well as minor pairs. There are plenty of commodities, stocks, and stock market indexes to select from as well. There are also turbo options available in 15, 30, 45, and 60 second time frames along with 2 and 5 minute options. 250 and the platform is available in a number of languages. Why are Option Stars Global a Scam Broker?

Well, to go as far as that I don’t know, but they are certainly a very shady broker. They may be registered, but that does not completely exempt them from wreaking havoc and losing their traders trust. As of May 2016 this broker has an FPA Traders Court guilty vote against them and the FPA actually discourages traders from investing with them unless this is resolved. After some research and reading into some of the complaints about this broker I discovered that this particular broker is in fact NOT registered and they are playing some scheme bouncing traders from the registered broker to the non-registered one.