Forex factory review

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Companies that refuse to change with the times face the risk of their product line becoming obsolete. Because of this, businesses experiment with new products, explore new markets, and reach out to new groups of customers on a continuous basis. Businesses seek to diversify into new areas to increase sales, optimize their capacity, and conversely shed off divisions that do not add much value, to concentrate on core competencies instead. For instance, expansion to an overseas market may require changes in the staff profile to better connect with the international market, and changes in work policies and routines to ensure compliance with export regulations. Starting a new product line may require changes in the system of work, hiring new experts familiar in the business line and placing them in positions of authority, and other interventions. One common reason for restructuring a company is to downsize the workforce. The changing nature of economy may force the business to adopt new strategies or alter their product mix, making staff redundant.

Similarly, cutthroat competition and pressure on margins from competitors who adopt a low price strategy may force the company to adopt lean techniques, just in time inventory, and other measures to cut input costs and achieve process efficiency. In such situations, the organization will need to redo job descriptions, rework its team, group, and communication structures and reporting relationships to ensure that the remaining workforce does the job well. Very often, downsizing-induced restructuring leads to a flatter organizational structure, and broader job descriptions and duties. Traditional organizational systems and controls cater to standard 9 AM to 5 PM office or factory based work.