Forex cash cow system

Mahathir has asked Rafidah to remain in Umno as his Forex cash cow system Horse — what the Malays would call duri dalam daging or gunting dalam lipatan. Her job is to attack Najib Tun Razak to give an impression that Umno itself is against the Prime Minister. If even Umno wants Najib out then what about the rest of Malaysians? Surely the rest of Malaysians also want to see Najib ousted.

Tatparanandam Ananda Krishnan, was the hidden hand behind that new airline company. Since Daim already owned his own airline, it made sense that Mahathir would want one as well. But that was what the market perceived. In reality something else was going on behind the scenes. MAS was not sold to Tajudin. They made it appear like Tajudin was buying MAS to give an impression that the government was making a huge amount of money to cover the RM31. 5 billion Bank Negara forex losses.