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2billion forex calculator excel trade surplus with Canada. With that he announced retaliatory tariffs against the US.

July 1 that will remain in place as long as U. The tariffs cover Whiskey, Orange Juice, and other food products as well as steel and aluminum. Mexico said earlier that it would impose its own retaliatory tariffs on a wide range of products from US steel to pork, sausages and fruit. I don’t want to get grey hair doin this job, like that Obama dude. Cut me some slack I want to leave this job still a pretty boy. AntiPOMO — next time it hits will be the last day in June. I dare suggest that not everyone is upset.

Surely there are participants making scads of money , those who ask themselves how can I make money off this, find their answer and trade on it. There is a New Game in Town. I’m clueless as to why you haven’t noticed and that you keep on looking at them for I don’t really know what. Hope you got a piece of the AntiPOMO trade in SToX that kicked off in futures at 9AM. We are not worthy of the Genius of the EU.