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A bank agent, Ayodele Awodiran, aka AY, has been stabbed to death by some suspected robbers on Lambe Junction, Alausa village, in the Ifo Local Government Area of Ogun State. The 38-year-old graduate of Economics of the University of Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State, was attacked by an eight-man gang while returning home from work around 10pm on Sunday. PUNCH Metro learnt that the assailants dispossessed the father of three of two Point of Sale terminals, an accounting record book, recharge cards worth N40,000, a cash sum of N200,000, and an Forex bastard Teller Machine card. When he reportedly identified one of the unmasked assailants as his next-door neighbour, the men were said to have stabbed him with screw drivers and knives and left him for dead.

Our correspondent learnt that the Esa Oke, Osun State indigene, was rushed to two private hospitals, but was rejected. He was admitted to the General Hospital, Ifako, where he died. A family friend, who begged not to be identified, said people were still mourning the loss when a series of alert on his phone indicated that N2. 1m had been withdrawn from his bank account. AY had POS terminals in his shop. Whenever people needed cash, they went to him with their ATM cards. He gave them the cash after charging a token like N100 or N200.

He also sold recharge cards and he had some people working for him. The assailants, numbering eight, collected money from him. Two days after he died, the family received alerts of N2m on his phone. Our correspondent learnt that the management of his bank was informed of the development, just as the case was reported to policemen from the Ajuwon division. Police operatives were said to have investigated the withdrawals, which led to the arrest of nine persons, including the chairman of the motorcycle riders’ association in the area.

The suspects allegedly confessed to the crime, saying they didn’t plan to kill Ayodele until he identified one of them. Our correspondent gathered that the hoodlums said they had been monitoring the victim for sometime. The motorcycle rider, who took him on the day of the incident, was reportedly planted by the assailants to aid their operation. Ayodele’s neighbour, who was a member of the gang, was said to have suggested that he took the motorcycle home, which he agreed to, oblivious of the danger ahead. The rider then took him through a route where the assailants were already waiting for him. The victim’s widow, Bosede, who recently gave birth to their third child, said their marriage was barely five years when Ayodele was killed. I was with him on that day.

He asked me to leave with the kids around 9pm so I could prepare food for him. When I got home, I called his line, but he did not pick the call. I guess it was around that time that those people held him hostage before killing him. I want justice to be done. My husband must not die in vain. A community leader, Pastor Adewunmi Oyebode, urged the police to get to the roots of the case and prosecute the culprits. Oyebode noted that resolving the murder would help to bring lasting peace to the community.

The Ogun State Police Public Relations Officer, Abimbola Oyeyemi, confirmed the incident, adding that investigations were ongoing. This material, and other digital content on this website, may not be reproduced, published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or in part without prior express written permission from PUNCH. Bi-weekly profit by professionally trading your Forex, Cryptocurrency and Binary accounts for you. Hard-working family man for cried out loud.

Criminals everywhere but some hypocrites believe that crime is alien to them because it’s them. Do you know the identity of the assailants? They are Yorubasssssssssssss Don’t you know? These criminal elements just terminated the life of an innocent family man, employer of labour and a future leader. Please PUNCH newspaper, kindly track this case and ensure that justice is served on these criminals . N20 bribes from okada and motorists.

So so tragic, a businessman gave up his belongings hoping to be spared so as to take care of his family but was still killed. The hearts of some men are more diseased than one can imagine. Evil men have done it again, I wish the police will handle this case with utmost merit and speedily too, so that the killers will expirience the worst pain than the man they killed, what wickedness? May you all never know peace even in death. Crime hasn’t stopped in Saudi Arabia and China where death sentence is prevalent. I never encouraged it or implied it.

I said that death sentence cannot stop crimes. Alright , we are in the same page, Let them introduce the Laws to prevent people from those stupid Crimes, Maybe some Crimes would reduce Yes . I am against the Death Penalty in my World, BUT in Nigeria they needs to get their integrity back and security with One Justice , another bad reason why Investors are afraid to invest in Nigeria YES. The police should use this case to cleanse the area including Abule Ijoko and Ijoko areas of all the criminal and the hoodlums making the poeple live in fear. So glad the news is finally published on punch metro,those guys are so heartless. Their reactions, one of which was the summoning of American ambassadors in some African countries, including Nigeria, were exercises in futility. Meanwhile, President Trump is having fun for rattling these poverty-stricken countries, and by extension shaming their mainly shameless, clueless and kleptomaniac so-called leaders.

Now, let us deconstruct the genesis of the reported Trump labelling. Africa and other low income countries during a meeting with some US lawmakers at The White House. Basically, the remarks, at a closed-door meeting, were not made for public consumption, so what the Washington Post reported was a LEAK. It is not inconceivable that President Trump actually made those remarks. The language used by me at the Daca meeting was tough, but this was not the language used. Never said anything derogatory about Haitians other than Haiti is, obviously, a very poor and troubled country. And I don’t know why this Trump position should come as a surprise.

He was honest enough to have articulated his anti-immigrant position even during the campaign, however unpopular it was made to be by the media, but he was still voted for. Africans, particularly Black Africans and their brethrens in the Caribbean, need to do a reality check on how they have remained a drag in the world, marooned in poverty and violent conflicts, of which Nigeria has most recently become the poster nation. The truth is, Nigeria is the shame of the Black World, and mired in undeserved poverty and horrendous, violent criminality that is making life nasty, brutish and short. Unfortunately, a run of myopic, mediocre  leaders who cannot see the larger picture and how the destiny and pride of the Black World  are intrinsically tied to Nigeria’s success story have literally run the country aground. There is manifest callous disregard for life forcing people to flee the land of their birth with those settled abroad not willing to return to their fatherland. As a Washington correspondent of the News Agency of Nigeria in the mid 1980s, I encountered attempted put downs.