Folker hellmeyer forex cargo

We seek the truth, avoid the mainstream and are virulently anti-neoliberalism. Folker Hellmeyer, chief economist at Bremer Landesbank, has no doubts about the future of the global economic system: The axis Moscow-Beijing-BRICS will prevail against the old hegemon USA. These countries have had enough of the West, because they want to pursue a long-term strategy and not opportunism. Apparently some folker hellmeyer forex cargo in European politics lack the comprehension of the full scope of their actions on our behalf.

Then he goes on to smackdown the US. Steinmeier’s credit, he does speak plainly behind closed doors. The question is whether the actions beyond the Atlantic support Mr. I refer in this regard to the case of Victoria Nuland. Fact is that with the coup in Ukraine a Moscow-friendly oligarchy has been replaced with a US-friendly oligarchy.

That was geopolitics that benifits third powers, but definitely not Germany, not the EU, not Russia and not Ukraine. A prominent figure in recent German politics, not in office anymore, said in bilateral talks that US-geopolitics is best described as a game of chess on the chessboard of Ukraine with the blood of Ukrainian pawns over the boards of Moscow against the power center Beijing. Don’t European politicians have any self-respect or are they too cowardly? Those who do not, have deficits in respect to our set of values.

I’m the wrong person to talk to. You have to ask our politicians these questions. FH: The stability of a democracy depends on the stability of its economy. If permanent damage is inflicted on an economy, the radicalization of a society increases. The German Empire made this experience in 1933.