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This site is not available in your region. Belgian racing cyclist, considered to finanzas forex junio 2012 movies one of the best among the great number of successful Belgian cyclists. Van Steenbergen was born in Arendonk in a poor family.

He worked as an errand boy and a cigar-roller. He began racing at 16 and became one of Belgium’s best juniors from 1940 to 1942. He started cycling as a professional during World War II in 1942, after being an amateur since he was 14. The next year, he won his first important races, and became Belgian road cycling champion. In 1944, he won the Tour of Flanders Classic, which he won again two years later. Van Steenbergen also excelled on the track, and won 40 Six-day events, and improved two world records.

His track capabilities made him an excellent road sprinter. However, he usually had difficulty climbing, which prevented him from winning major stage races. He nevertheless placed 2nd in the 1951 Giro d’Italia. After his cycling career he entered a dark period. He was named in connection with many unsavory practices.

He had a gambling addiction and was suspected of drug trafficking, conspiracy and incitement to debauchery. During this period, in 1968, he also starred in the Belgian adult movie Pandore as the character Dimitri. The movie tells the story of an industrialist who neglects his young wife. The couple are looking for solace in extramarital relationships. They make a trip to Greece to save their relationship, but over there the woman pays more attention to Dimitri, a local fisherman. In the context of that era the movie was a sensational, provocative, scandal movie. Van Steenbergen also ended up in jail for a while.

But his marriage with the British Doreen Hewitt saved him from ruin and he got his life back on track. Rik Van Steenbergen died in Antwerp after a prolonged sickness at the age of 78. In 2004 a statue was erected in his honour on the Wampenberg in Arendonk. Jump to navigation Jump to search “Si-won” redirects here. For the noted Korean Confucian official, philosopher, and poet of the late Unified Silla period, see Choe Chiwon.