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What is the average US income and other income figures. Fiscal cliff talks only dollar house forex bureau in context of incomes.

With talk of the fiscal cliff taking up most of the headlines it is probably useful to look at income figures for Americans. The media rarely discusses income because it is a touchy subject. It probably would not be savvy in a marketing sense to tell viewers that their incomes have been stuck in the financial mud for well over a decade. This is some extremely useful data given that it is exploring over 114 million US households.

If you want to know how most Americans are living this is a good figure to base your assumptions. 50,000 does not go a long way in our economy today given the cost of food, energy, housing, education, and healthcare. The average US income is a less useful measure because it is skewed by high income households and mega income earners. 200,000 a year given the kind of products that are pushed. Of course most of the goods bought in the last decade were financed with massive debt and not actual saved wealth. US income growth has been absent for most households. The typical family barely saw any real income growth and that is why many feel a true pinch to their wallet.

Yet household incomes for earners in the top 10 percent saw real sizeable growth over the last four decades. I’m not sure if Americans are fully aware of these income figures. This information is at a granular level but extremely helpful. Since everyone pays into the Social Security system, this is a good sense of how many people are earning income in the US. According to this information 151 million Americans earned some sort of wages or compensation in 2011. It is important to understand the income breakdown in the US before fully appreciating the fiscal cliff talks.