Depaho fxgm forex

Depaho fxgm forex company is a company in the BForex Group. Click here to read how BForex. FXGM or any other member of the BForex group. Other websites of this company include FXGM.

Let other traders know if this service is worth checking or should be avoided. Since the call came one day after I registered at the site “investing. I actually first thought the seller was representing the “investing. I went forward with the call anyway since my idea is to learn more about all kinds of investments methods and tools. I explained that I was NOT interested to invest any money right now but maybe in a year or two when I know more about what type of investments I want to focus on. With this said, together we started the registration process at fxgm.

After a while in the conversation background noises started to leak into the call indicating the seller was in an open public space. At the end of of the registration process the seller explained it was time to submit the minimum entrance investment which was 200 euro. After being accused of waisting time I hang up. Waisting time is actually a valid point since the seller told me the registration process would take 15 minutes – but it actually took 47 minutes and 59 seconds until I terminated the call. Bottom line: The fxgm-company uses sellers that are rude to their customers and starts the relationship with shady selling methods trying to push their customers into investing by pushing the “bad conscience button”. Hung up on me when I said I am not interested. If that is what their initial service is like, then I wouldn’t want to find out what trading with them is like either!