Darkstar forex order flow trading review

Trade this stock for as low as 0. Good all these are just normal FAbut investors are asking Whythe market price isn’t uptrending. KRONOLOGI is an organic Darkstar forex order flow trading review growth prospects companynot paying dividend, etc.

She is a very young Company, n its business model is forward looking, into industry 4. Banglaman,krono might going thru a downtrend, but 25cents, nice dream. The concept of higher profit , share price will grow is totally out ! Next few days sure lower than today. Next week festive mood, no strength to go up.

I think to short tomorrow or friday if further up. Why not let the CAPEX tell us the truth later? Why not sit still and see if this CAPEX will turn out a shit pond or a goldmine for Krono? BIG ENGINES BOOST THE BOTTOM LINE! Engine 3 – Transnational data backup solutions, HK, Partner with ST Electronics . Engine 4 – Singapore, partner with Temasek Management Services的子公司Trusted Source.