Craig harris forex mentor

Company seems to be out of business. Let other traders know if craig harris forex mentor service is worth checking or should be avoided.

Nothing but a stochastic system with a martingale type recovery. Good Course and a tradable system. Craig’s style of trading is different than what I am use to but it works and he proves it by trading the system each day live in his trade room. Over all Craig Harris is a good choice for Forex trading education. It has been almost 22 months since I purchased The Natural Flow from Craig Harris. Things are finally coming together very nicely.

Craig’s system works, but you must do your homework. I have the benefit of being self-employed, so I am able to study or monitor the markets about 40-60 hours per week. Since August 26, 2013, on the days that I traded, I have not had a losing day. The Natural Flow is a proven, profitable system when combined with your dedication and hard work. There is no substitute for using actual cash because you have more of a vested interest in the trades, and you will be less likely to form bad habits. Review: I have been Craig Harris’s student since January 16, 2012. My trading capabilities have increased exponentially since studying and learning The Natural Flow System.

Craig makes it clear to potential students before beginning this program that trading the Forex can be very profitable, but you have to dedicate yourself to putting in the time and energy to learning The Natural Flow System. You also must be willing to invest in yourself. Your proficiency at trading the Forex will improve with Craig’s mentorship. Trading in the live chatroom with Craig is invaluable because he answers students’ questions immediately.