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Is There A Move to Discriminate Zahid? Cash is King In Sg Besar and K. Prime Minister of Malaysia 1981 – 2003. Websites on Society, Politics, and Economy of Malaysia. THANK you debaters for discussing the outcomes of the Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar parliamentary by-elections without waiting for my prompting. REMINDER: No anonymous comments will be published.

The results did not come as a surprise to me because as I had said in the May 24 posting that the Bugis warrior who is known for his “cash is King” strategy would succeed in retaining both seats. I had also elude to the fact that in the 2014 by-election in Teluk Intan the Barisan Nasional’s carpet bombing had led to the ouster of the incumbent DAP. The BN has always had the upper hand in a by-election. The burden of responsibility is mine too.

For nearly four decades I inculcated in the minds of the Malays that Umno is their protector and the BN is the best party to rule. BN, the people still gave their votes to him and his party. Sadly, their decision would only embolden him not only to continue defending his wrongdoings but to commit new ones if he so wishes. But the blame is not on Mohd Najib and his cahoots alone. Those who voted for the BN must also feel ashamed that they had allowed his handouts and promises to influence them.

They literally sold their votes for pittance. Apart from “cash is king” there are other reasons for the BN’s victory. There is the pervasive climate of fear. There were still many Malays who feared that if they did not vote for the BN they would be penalised.

These are people who directly depend on the government like civil servants, policemen and soldiers, and those whose children are enjoying scholarships or are hoping for one, or who are waiting for government jobs. The racial card played by BN by demonising that DAP and the Chinese, and whoever working with them. Chinese had played a trick on them. Many who voted for the opposition during the 2013 General Election changed side on June 18. There is a reason for this. With the pouring of cash and the promise of development projects, the Chinese, being traders and businessmen, would stand to gain. The Malays would spend the cash at Chinese shops and the Malay contractors would cede their contracts to the Chinese tauke.