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Deep in the darkest depths of Transylvania there is a castle coin jar bitcoin reviews has for generations been inhabited by ravishingly beautiful ghosts and ghouls. However, having recently found out that you have inherited the castle, you must set about reclaiming your inheritance. You must do battle with a beautiful vampiress, Frankenstein’s bride, Cleopatra’s ghost and a ravisihing lady werewolf, by finding and collecting artifacts such as wooden stakes and silver bullets to help you rid the castle of them.

However, they are so beautiful, you must be careful not to fall under any of their spells – or you will be doomed forever. The good news is that you will be well-rewarded for your efforts and, as well as reclaiming your castle, you will also get the added bonuses of Free Games and Ravishing Beauty Wilds. Creepy Castle If you do manage to reclaim your castle you’re probably going to want to do some serious decorating as it’s a little bit creepy – but that’s just how our ravishing beauties like it. Pick them up to begin your reward with between 5 and 75 times your stake. The ravishing beauties aren’t that hard to find as they’ll quickly be trying to seduce you, however if you don’t succumb to their charms you’ll be rewarded with up to 250 times your stake.