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As you’d expect, there’s no extra commission to pay on top. We have pretty much every currency in stock, so we can get it to you quickly. Alternatively you can speak directly to one of our dealers by phone on 0207 6210090. We offer corporate discounts for employee schemes – they get excellent terms, and it’s an easy way to give them a useful something extra. International Payments Low-cost and secure bank-to-bank transfers worldwide. But if you are a Forex trader and you don`t want to change that part of your life, and then you need to prepare to some changes in your financial activity, as well.

Forex trading in New Zealand is quite similar to trading in all other countries like Cyprus and UK, for instance. Wherever you are in the world, including in New Zealand, the rules for making trades are quite the same and usually, the brokers are very alike, too. What is the regulation of Forex brokers based in New Zealand? Experts say that Forex regulation is missing in New Zealand and what we can see here is not exactly a plan or strategy for making things quite official and legal here, but a way to simplify traders to gain more profits. In general, there are three main regulating bodies here in the country. Each of them has its own mission and methods to influence Forex world in NZ. FSPR is the abbreviation behind Financial Service Providers Register.