Cicli forex fabry syndrome

When you have Fabry disease, a certain type of fatty substance builds up in your body. Your doctor may call Fabry disease a “storage disorder. It usually starts in childhood and is much more common in men cicli forex fabry syndrome women.

There are treatments that can make a difference in how you feel, day-to-day. Getting support from your family and friends is key, too. Causes You get Fabry disease from your parents. The problem is that your body can’t make an enzyme called alpha-galactosidase A, which you need to break down fatty substances like oils, waxes, and fatty acids.

When you have Fabry disease, you either were born without that enzyme or it doesn’t work right. Fabry disease can lead to more serious problems, especially in men. Getting a Diagnosis It can take a long time to get diagnosed with Fabry disease. That’s because the symptoms are common and can affect so many different parts of the body. Many people who have Fabry disease don’t get diagnosed until years after they first had symptoms. They have often seen several different doctors for various symptoms and sometimes get the wrong diagnosis. If your family history suggests you could be at risk for Fabry disease, you may want to ask your doctor about getting genetic testing.

What medical conditions run in your family? Have you seen other doctors about this problem? If your doctor thinks it might be Fabry disease, he will ask you to either take a blood test so he can measure the level of alpha-galactosidase A, or take a DNA test. Questions for Your Doctor When your doctor says you have Fabry disease, that may be the first time you’ve heard of it.

You probably have a lot of questions, especially if you’ve been trying to figure out for a long time what’s causing your symptoms. How did you diagnose Fabry disease? How has it affected my body? How many people with Fabry disease have you treated?