Ceras depilatorias profesionales de forex

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Recently we have expanded our services to include natural waxing. Lycon Waxing, a completely natural alternative of hair removal for your body. Lydia Jordane, an aesthetician from Australia, developed Lycon Wax in the late 70’s after she was unable to find a natural alternative for her clients. The wax formula uses only the finest resins, natural ingredients and aromatherapy oils including azulene, aloe vera, chamomile, rose and lavender. The gentle formula leaves your skin smooth and soft to touch and the low melting temperature of the wax also ensures extra client comfort.

All practitioners who use the product must be trained. Lycon is the leading wax used in spas and salons around the world. We are pleased to now offer Lycon Wax in Barcelona at Studio Australia Barcelona. I am not talking here just about the wax itself, but the equipment and lotions that complement the product. The first thing I like about Lycon Wax and products are the aromas, especially the smell of LYCOtec strip wax!

This wax is precise, it catches short hair without needing to reapply too many times in the same area. But, having said that, the lower temperature of the wax and the good pre-wax oil allows me to work on the same patch up to 5 times to remove even the naughtiest ones! The way the Lycon Wax sticks to the hair is very good. This is an important property not only for removing the shortest hairs, but to take them out from the root so you achieve durable and longer lasting results. The reality is waxing is about pulling out hair! How can anybody expect that to be painless without applying anesthesia? From my extensive training and experience I have learned that there are some techniques to reduce the pain when applying wax.