Cci forex indicator alert

The multi timeframe cci forex indicator alert allows you to watch other timeframe’s indicator values, without switching between the timeframes. USDJPY on H1 – break UP with value 21. Username: enter your username that you received after purchase. Auto Refresh: If enabled, the indicator refreshes lines when the candle is closed or if you change the Timeframe or Symbol.

If disabled, the indicator redraws only when you run the ” Calculate” script. CCI Period: you can set the period of CCI. CCI Price: you can set the CCI indicator’s price. CCI Timeframe: you can set the indicator’s timeframe. Triangle Mode: in this mode the indicator analyses every movements but draws only the two nearest trendlines: upper and lower. Cut TL Ending: cut the trendline‚Äôs ending when it’s broken. Lines To Background: you can move the TrueTL’s lines to the background.

Multiple instances: you can attach two or more instances of the same indicators on one chart. User Notification Corner: set the corner on the chart to show the user notification such as if your subscription expire soon, or a new update is released. Color Filter: Switch the color filtering to the other trendlines or horizontal lines to alert. Alert Only For This Color: specify the color for the other trendlines or horizontal lines to alert just in case the “Color filter” is enabled. Break Alert After Close: alert at trendline breakout after the candle closed. Break Alert Before Close: alert at trendline breakout before the candle is closing.