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Hemos actualizado nuestra Política de Privacidad acorde con la nueva RGPD. We’ve updated our Privacy Policy to comply with the GDPR. Ya podéis usar los foros de la campaña Kurage Crisis. Kurage Crisis ——————— Kurage Crisis forums now live. I planned to research a little more yesterday, but my kids both got sick and I only got 4 hours of sleep in the last 2 days combined, so I am a bit “out” at the moment.

Most of her Background would be easily accessible on Maya Net anyways, so everything except “Commander Koi” and her personality flaw would be public knowledge to you all as is. TAG and stuff like that, these things are still being determined, so besides the fact that her TAG will be Melee focused, nothing is set yet. Storyline, on Dawn it won’t matter much I think, and she never really had the opportunity to flaunt in her riches anyways as she strives to become a better warrior at heart. I’d also like to say that a character like this would normally be “too over the top” for my style. Miyu Horoshi originally was just an average looking japanese girl, but due to her parents and the Maya network “pepping her up” for the program, she now looks like a female japanese Oni incarnate. Apparently this wasn’t crazy enough for the producers however, and thus a full body moving “Oni Flame” Tattoo had been grafted onto her skin, which actually vanishes and appears either on Miyu’s active “command”, or unconciously if she gets really angry.