Bitvisitor bitcoin mining

Earn bitcoins for free in the Philippines or anywhere bitvisitor bitcoin mining the world. Aside from the bitcoin faucets, one of my top earner is Bitvisitor.

You can earn free bits by visiting websites. Again, this is not much but its a good place to start. You can earn a few bits for every site visited. The earning differs for each site but you have to be on the site for 5 minutes before you can earn the published bitcoins that you can earn. Once you are on this page, you will know how much bitcoin you will get for visiting the site. You need to solve the captcha, then hit on visit.

Once the timer runs out, hit the next button on the upper right to get credited and go to the next site. By the way, I am using my coins. I am using the earnings from this site to buy prepaid cellphone load. How to withdraw bitcoins in the Philippines?

So I tried earning bitcoins by solving captchas and it is really paying. So here’s another way of earning bitcoin for free and with minimal effort. Aside from earning bitcoins from faucets and mining , you can also earn bitcoins by solving captchas. Okay, this post is not totally about earning bitcoin for free but it is still a way of earning online. A lot of searches and questions are targeted towards earning bitcoins without investment .