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READ about Piers Morgan’s long career in journalism here. Thank you for watching “Piers Morgan Live” over the years. See below for your favorite memories from 2011-2014. With business tycoon Warren Buffett joined by his son, Howard Graham Buffett, and his grandson Howard Warren Buffett, talk turned to technology, and the “Piers Bitcoin watch blogs Live” host encouraged the Buffett patriarch to produce his cell phone.

This is the one Alexander Graham Bell gave me,” joked Buffett, as he revealed a Nokia flip phone, a relic as compared to today’s smart phones. I don’t throw anything away until I’ve had it 20 or 25 years. I sent one e-mail in my life,” revealed Warren Buffett. I sent it to Jeff Raikes at Microsoft and it ended up in court in Minneapolis, so I am one for one. Watch the clip for more of Morgan’s conversation with the Buffetts, including the tale of Howard Warren Buffett’s childhood farm and car loan, and for the next edition of “Piers Morgan Live,” watch CNN every night at 9. Such inspirational people and so great to see that they are so close, kind, giving. It’s hard to imagine that wealthso well managed.

I wish he was my grandfather. I would be so proud of his inherent dignity and complete lack of arrogance. Warren has a heart of Gold, with the gold. That is my heart also, without the gold.

Don’t marry for money especially if you are already rich” hahaha Buffet is a funny guy. Question Morgan the journalist might have asked of Warren Buffett. Buffett mentioned the 35 billion spent for purchase of the BNSF railroad. In Laurel, MT, daily, we see hundreds of coal cars on that rail line headed for China. CNN coverage of the horrendous pollution his coal deliveries are causing in China? I am a poor Bangladeshi student. I need much money for study,books,exam fees etc.

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