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Jump to navigation Jump to search Not bitcoin quark be confused with xenon. This article’s lead section does not adequately summarize key points of its contents. Intel Xeon is a distinct product line from the similarly-named Intel Xeon Phi. PCI Express slot and is meant to be used as a multi-core coprocessor, like the Nvidia Tesla.

In the second generation, Xeon Phi evolved into a main processor more similar to the Xeon. 450 MHz Pentium II Xeon with 512 KByte L2 cache: The cartridge cover has been removed. In 1999, the Pentium II Xeon was replaced by the Pentium III Xeon. The second version, named “Cascades”, was based on the Pentium III “Coppermine” core. To improve this situation, Intel released another version, officially also named “Cascades”, but often referred to as “Cascades 2 MB”. That came in two variants: with 1 MB or 2 MB of L2 cache. Its bus speed was fixed at 100 MHz, though in practice the cache was able to offset this.

1 MB L3 cache and the Jackson Hyper-Threading capacity. This improved performance slightly, but not enough to lift it out of third place. In 2002 Intel released a 130 nm version of Xeon branded CPU, codenamed “Prestonia”. It supported Intel’s new Hyper-Threading technology and had a 512 kB L2 cache. This was based on the “Northwood” Pentium 4 core. Subsequent to the Prestonia was the “Gallatin”, which had an L3 cache of 1 MB or 2 MB.