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American trader famous for both colossal gains and losses in the market. However, by 1934 he had lost his money and tragically took his own life in 1940. His mysterious technical tools include Gann angles and the Square of 9. As well as trading, Gann wrote a number of books and courses. Soros Fund Management, one of the most successful firms in the history of the hedge fund industry.

Rogers is renowned for his correct bullish call on commodities in the 1990’s and also for his books detailing his adventurous world travels. 200 million fortune over ten years from his speculating. Along with partner William Eckhardt, Dennis was co-creator of the mythical Turtle Trading experiment. Tudor Investment Corporation, one of the world’s leading hedge funds. 100 million from shorting stocks during the 1987 market crash. 2007 by using credit default swaps to effectively sell short the US subprime mortgage lending market. SAC Capital Advisors, a leading hedge fund focused primarily on trading equities.

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