Starbase Presale Shows the Massive Demand For Blockchain Integration

Though initial coin offerings, or ICO, have been around for several years, 2017 is the year where they really decided to take off. There has been tremendous growth in ICOs the past couple of years, with a large majority of it coming this year. Time will tell what will happen in 2018, but even if the growth continues at a moderate pace, ICO investors are in for one wild ride.

As is expected, not everyone is a fan of ICOs. Some are quite critical of them. One of the reasons is because of scam ICOs. If a company raises money for a product that hasn’t been created, where’s the incentive to actually create the product? The cash flow is already there–why the need to go and develop it?

Another reason is the perceived inaccessibility of ICOs. Those who aren’t familiar with blockchain technology or even the concept of ICOs feel like they’re missing out. This isn’t to say that blockchain companies aren’t reaching out to potential investors, they are. But perhaps something needs to be done to kick ICOs into their top gear.

One idea floated by several companies is to create a blockchain platform that actually automates large parts of the initial coin offering process. These platforms, which run off of blockchain platforms themselves, provide the resources necessary for any company–blockchain based or not–to participate in an ICO.

One company that is pioneering this type of blockchain platform is Starbase. The sale can be accessed via their website. The demand for such a platform is substantial, as evidenced by the Starbase presale which was completed with great demand. Starbase’s own crowdsale begins on November 9th and runs until the 24th.

Blockchain Technology Paves the Way for ICO Integration

The genius of these platforms lies in their ability to create blockchain based infrastructures which easily integrate with a company’s products and business objectives. Those without any blockchain, coding, or software experience can fully participate in ICOs by running their crowdfunding through a designated blockchain infrastructure. The barriers to entry are removed, creating an easy experience where the technical aspects of the ICO are taken care of.

Additionally, these blockchain platforms provide companies with a way to find and hire short-term human capital. By creating a decentralized marketplace, companies can list projects or tasks that need to be completed before a product or service is launched. A company’s core teams can get immediate help for any quick jobs they need to be completed, while investors are given a way to participate in the growth of their investment.

Once a task or project is completed, hires are paid in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, but they may also choose to receive the coins of the platform they assisted with. From the beginning, these investors will have a deep interest in the success of the company. As an added benefit, companies can cut down on middleman costs and longer-term hiring costs by going to the open market for skill and labor.

The Benefits for Token Issuers and ICO Investors

In traditional financial markets, and to a certain extent, in ICO markets, investors are at odds with share (or coin) issuers. History has shown that some companies will issue shares, buy up the shares and engage in all sorts of false marketing, and then sell the shares once a peak is hit, raking in large profits but leaving unsuspecting investors reeling. This nefarious strategy, called the “pump and dump” scheme, has an entire SEC website devoted to it.

Blockchain platforms like those outlined above have the chance to radically transform the way initial offerings, coin or otherwise, are handled. For token issuers, a lot of the legwork is taken care of by integrating with pre-designed infrastructures. The processes for issuing tokens and collecting capital are already in place–this is a huge burden lifted off the shoulders of the issuing company. At the same time, because the process is predetermined, investors are protected from issuers manipulating the system.

Additionally, the platform’s infrastructure creates a transparent environment where the third party mediator is removed and investors can deal directly with issuers. This can yield long-lasting investor relationships, to the extent that investors can have an active role in developing and assisting the company with various short-term tasks.

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The Tokenbox ranked by ICOrating agency

The Tokenbox platform, whose ICO is planned for November 14th, was given a “Stable+”, high-quality assets rating category. Top analysts of cryptomarket recommend to buy TBX tokens for long-term portfolios.

The ICOrating agency also noted that The Token Fund, a successful tokenized cryptofund created by the same team, is one of the advantages of the project.

Clear marketing strategy, a team of high-end marketing professionals, social media success are named among other advantages.

Portfolio managers considering to start a crypto business are recommended to look into the project, as the reserve fund would be established and the money would be invested in the funds established on the platform, then distributed among 10 of them.

According to the rating description, the Tokenbox’s future chances may be increased, as the market for cryptocurrency funds and professional cryptoassets trading is developing rapidly.

The Tokenbox is a unique platform aimed to unite the cryptomarket players. It will offer professional traders, funds, and investors a secure ready-made tool for creating their own cryptofund based on the Ethereum blockchain technology.

The ICOrating is a highly credible agency that evaluates blockchain-based companies planning on an ICO. Startups are ranked by the company analysts and experts according to 4 categories, where the lowest rating is given to companies close to default, while the highest rating is for high-quality assets. “Stable+” is one of the 4 highest categories, which indicates recommendation to buy and a possibility of increasing the rating.

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Access your tokens in the application. Guarda announces the new feature.

Guarda, the team of blockchain professionals, recently introduced their new wallet to the market. The wallet is known for its hyper-security of the private key which is not transferred from the application in any way and is safely stored inside the Android key storage.

Guarda added a new feature in their mobile application — the possibility to buy and store ethereum-based tokens. Within the wallet, it is easy to buy, transfer and see the owned tokens without app-hopping.

The tokens can be bought with any cryptocurrency and can be accessed within the app simultaneously.

The developers of Guarda got concerned with the conveniency and simpleness of the user experience and decided to embed the processes of buying and storing the tokens in the wallet as well as sending them to a different wallet address. This way, the user will see all the tokens they own inside the Guarda wallet and will have the option to buy any new ones without leaving the app. Guarda seems to have genuinely brought the crypto-trade to the next level.

Whereas previously users had to take effort to find a trusted exchange, Guarda has a completely different approach. The team came to the point of development to make it simple for the user to buy and store the tokens for ETH and ETC in the wallet. All the tokens bought with the user’s wallet address will appear in the app consistently, so the customers can control their funds effectively. This quick and easy feature will save not only the customer’s time, but also the money.

““Tokens are an important part of the Ethereum blockchain infrastructure. For this reason we have implemented a complete set of in-app tools for token operations.”, — Ondrej Horaček, Product Manager at Guarda.

website : Garuda


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The post Access your tokens in the application. Guarda announces the new feature. appeared first on

Ethbet Development Continues After Crowdsale Sells Out During First Week

Ethbet – the first gambling platform on the Ethereum blockchain that has announced support for peer-to-peer betting – launched its much-anticipated crowdsale on September 17th. Almost 70% of all available tokens were sold during the first day, with the remaining tokens being bought over the next several days, leading the crowdsale to permaneantly close to new investors after only four days. Since then, development on Ethbet has continued and token holders are looking forward to what the platform will have to offer in the coming months.

The unique feature that drives many towards Ethbet is that it will be the first Ethereum-based platform to allow players to bet directly against each other, a feature not yet offered by any of its competitors. Utilizing the advantages of its peer-to-peer architecture, Ethbet is able to offer lower fees to its players, as they bet against each other instead of against a house. Some other Ethbet features include a provably-fair source of randomness, transparent betting, open-source smart contracts, and no need for user deposits, withdrawals, or registration. With long-term plans including the ability to gamble using any Ethereum-based token to be added to the platform, Ethbet’s future is looking bright to many of its investors.

The Ethbet platform features an off-chain matchmaking service, allowing for users to efficiently offer and take bets. This is done off of the blockchain to allow bets to be relayed instantly and for free. After a match can be made between the bets of two users, the bet can be executed on the blockchain using an Ethereum smart contract, providing a high level of security, redundancy, and transparency. Thanks to this architecture, the Ethbet platform is hoping to become a major player in the world of Ethereum-based dicing in the near future.

Although the Ethbet Crowdsale sold out quickly, Ethbet’s unique token (EBET) can still be purchased on large exchanges such as HitBTC. To learn more information about Ethbet, check out their website at as well as their technical whitepaper at


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The post Ethbet Development Continues After Crowdsale Sells Out During First Week appeared first on

The post Ethbet Development Continues After Crowdsale Sells Out During First Week appeared first on Forex news – Binary options.

MeeTip : the ICO in which to invest

MeeTip alias MTIP is a cryptocurrency that will be used into  OutMySphere in order to offer drinks to your soulmate or to your friends and tip the employee of your choice.

Findings and back on some features :

With an attractive turnover of 1674 billion per year for over 16 million establishments, the grandeur of the bars, cafes and restaurants market is well established. The market share represented by this type of establishment makes it a sector with more than dynamic economic activity.These establishments attract about 2.5 billion people each month.In support of these statistics, we can already identify the potential of MeeTipembedded into OutMySphere.

Crowd measuring presenting a challenge for Google ?

Available on Ios/Android (beta version), OutMySphere suggests viewing bars, restaurants, cafes, casinos, fitness gyms and other places around your location. The app provides information about how many people are in any establishment you consult. But it is a much more advanced system than the one we know from Google that just gives you an approximate attendance and no perceptible interactions.The application allows you to know the crowd in real time and to have access to basic information to promote meetings.You will be able to view the first name, the photo and the sentimental status thanks to the virtual bracelet of people around you.The application targets mainly bars, places conducive to meetings of all kinds andwhere the use of mobile applications tends to become a formality.

And what if the Drink functionality could sign Tinder death sentence ?

With the Drink functionality, the possibility to directly offer a drink to singles around you, or to your friends wherever they are in the world contribute to break with two major problems in social relations:The shyness of the first step : you can now use the app as an icebreaker.The distance with your friends at the other end of the world : you can now use the app to pay special attention to them

For this functionality, two cocktails have been specially imagined : you can either offer the cocktail of love or the friendship cocktail.

They will first be offered for payment in MeeTip before being joined by all other usual drinks of bars, cafes in support of the menu entered in the establishments owners customer area.

The invitation to have a drink -we especially think to singles- can of course be accepted or declined.

Could we see some Tinder’s match influence ?

In any case, it turns out that it is just as instantaneous, the exception of the boring discussion, and the much more spontaneous side in addition.

On top of that, with the planned decentralization of all the data thanks to the blockchain BigChainDB, OutMySphere will be the first proximity meetings mobile app to use the technology of the blockchain and not to store on a centralized server the personal and intimate information of the user such as his/her first name, sexual and religious orientation and many others.

Real satisfaction = a real tip.

The Tip functionality has been designed to tip the employee of your choice in the establishment you are located. By clicking on the desired place you will have access to the list of employees, not just the server you are most likely to deal with but also the bartender, or even the cook.

People will have a wider choice to express their satisfaction and will pay the desired amount thanks to their MeeTip wallet. There are neither intermediaries nor charges.

It makes sense that employees will be encouraged to use the app and will also be inclined to advertise to customers.

The combination of these functionalities using Meetip, according to the number of establishments and financial flows, seems to suggest MeeTip intends to become the standard cryptocurrency in this field (i.e bars, restaurants, cafes).

Keep in mind the app is also proposing the referencing of nightclubs, casinos, gyms … who knows, someday we will be able to pay our gym subscription in MeeTip ? Time will tell

In all cases, the app clearly establishes the decentralization of the order, payment and tip processes. It seems that the horizon gives us a glimpse of prosperous days, few, if any, competition is to be deplored.

About the ICO :

The PRE ICO will begin on the 3rd of November 2017 01:00 am GMT and will run for 7 days until the 10th of November 2017 01:00 am GMT.

Pre-ICO has an exclusive bonus rate of 900 MTIP per 1 ETH for the entire period with no minimum goal.

This pre sale aimed at raising funds to advertise and market the main ICO.

The main ICO will begin on the 17th of November 2017 01:00 am GMT and will run for 4 weeks until the 15th of December 2017 01:00 am GMT.

Bonus rates are offered for every period of the ICO.

For the contributor, participating during the ICO means he will receive the base rate of 1 ETH = 600 MTIP plus the current bonus in effect

The number of MeeTip coins is limited to 30.000.000 and no further coins could be created due to the strict laws of smart-contracts.

All coins sold within the pre-ICO and main ICO will be the only MeeTip ever in circulation. Once OutMySphere is complete and integrates MeeTip coins, the demand of MeeTip will increase as more people demand it as a form of payment for drinks and tip.

Instead of allocating MeeTip to the team during the ICO period, a buy-back program will be launching on the exchange.
This way, MeeTip will be purchased with BTC instead of being allocated free of charge to team members.
A total of 15% of all MTIP in circulation will be purchased back by our company during the first 24 hours on first exchange.
In consideration of this, the chances of MeeTip entering a bullish market once it hits an exchange are high. If the bullish trend sticks, the price of MeeTip should steadily increase.

Be the first to own MTIP and join this revolution about meetings and tips.

Website :




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In the Wake of a Successful IPO on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, The NAGA Group AG Announces Upcoming NAGA Coin (NGC) Token Sale

The NAGA Group AG is a German FinTech company listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange with over 150 employees. Today, they officially announced their Token Sale to launch the NAGA Coin (NGC) and create the first Blockchain-based ecosystem for decentralized trading, investing and education in financial markets, virtual goods and cryptocurrencies.

Video about The NAGA Group AG:

Who is The NAGA Group AG?

After performing one of the fastest IPOs and being listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange on July 10th 2017, The NAGA Group AG saw a share price increase of 400% in less than 3 months, The NAGA Group AG (ISIN: DE000A161NR7) is currently offering two platforms based around the trading of financial instruments and virtual items. Founded with the mission to make financial transactions in stocks, cryptocurrencies and the gaming market more transparent, secure and accessible to everyone, the NAGA team stands for disruptive and innovative solutions in the online trading and gaming world.

NAGA’s first venture is an online trading platform and social network for traders called SwipeStox (iOS | Android apps), which has been in operation since early 2015. The SwipeStox trading platform is home to thousands of registered users and facilitates several thousand transactions each month. The second venture called Switex is currently under development and will be launched in beta in Q1 2018.

The NAGA Ecosystem

NAGA has a CySEC-regulated brokerage firm and asset management company within the group called NAGA Markets Ltd. (former Hanseatic Brokerhouse Global Markets Ltd.) based in Cyprus that specializes in Forex and CFD trading. Furthermore, NAGA’s sales and lead-generating engine HBS AG (Hanseatic Brokerhouse Germany & Spain) focuses on the acquisition and support of traditional customers in the trading segment.

SwipeStox (available for iOS, Android and Web), which is directly connected to NAGA Markets Ltd., supplements the company’s product offering and allows customers to access a more modern and mobile-oriented trading platform. SwipeStox’ technology solution also offers open interfaces for other third-party brokers which are able to benefit from the company’s technology solution. Depending on the strategic orientation, NAGA therefore can expand its own ecosystem through its own network as well as through a stronger involvement of partners.

NAGA’s second venture, Switex, has enormous disruption potential and is the ideal addition to the ecosystem as it allows for the connection of the financial trading world with the gaming world. With several offices across major European countries, including Germany (2 offices in Hamburg), Spain (offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and Palma de Mallorca), and Cyprus (Limassol), NAGA today has access to more than 20,000 paying clients from more than 100 countries.

Within its ecosystem, NAGA combines the elements of social media networks (chats, channels, video and add server, follow and watch functions) in its products alongside the more classical approach of trading. Users of the platform produce daily contributions (“User-Generated Content”). Similar to platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook, the community creates and shares content themselves free of charge, thereby enhancing viral growth without incurring any additional costs for NAGA.

NAGA Wallet

NAGA will enable the transfer of tokens via the NAGA Wallet into SwipeStox and Switex and all future projects that fall within the NAGA ecosystem. Every platform user can choose between different blockchain assets as a source of payment within the NAGA Wallet. Furthermore, the user can conveniently convert a wide range of blockchain assets such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), etc. from one to another by simply using his personal NAGA Wallet (and of course the NGC). The web and later mobile application facilitates the storage of all major cryptocurrencies, the easy management of crypto portfolios, simple transfers of funds between peers, and a multitude of other functionalities.

The NAGA Wallet plays a central role in the NAGA ecosystem. It serves as a secure wallet for its users which allows the deposit and exchange of cryptocurrencies and fiat money, as well as being a solution to facilitate investments in stocks or trade virtual goods. The NGC will serve as the universal base currency with a direct integration into SwipeStox and Switex as well as all upcoming products within the NAGA Ecosystem.

NAGA Debit Card

Every crypto investor faces the same problem: opportunities to exchange digital tokens for goods and services in our everyday lives are very limited. Buying goods and services with cryptocurrencies should be as easy as buying with USD, EUR, or JPY.

To solve this problem, NAGA will also introduce the NAGA debit card, allowing users to spend their cryptocurrencies in millions of online and offline locations worldwide. In fact, everyone who purchases NGC during the token sale is already an early user of the Naga Wallet. As it allows users to buy NGCs with BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH or with FIAT currencies using their credit card or bank transfer, it is the first Proof of Concept.

Token Sale and Pre-Sale Details


Start Date: 20 November 2017 (00:00 CET)

End Date: 27 November 2017 (23:59 CET)


Start Date: 01 December 2017 (00:00 CET)

End Date: 15 December 2017 (23:59 CET) (ITS END)

1 NGC Token is sold at: $1.00

Tokens Available For Sale: 220,000,000 NGC

Tokens Created (Hard Cap): 400,000,000 NGC

Min Cap: 1,000,000 NGC



During the Pre-Sale we offer a bonus of 30% for early



Eight payment methods are available. You can buy NGC

with Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash or in fiat

currencies via bank transfer (SEPA/SWIFT) and credit


Recommended Minimum Purchase per Person $15 (=15 NGC)

Recommended Maximum Purchase per Person $10,000,000 (10,000,000 NGC)

Pre-Sale 20,000,000 NGC ($20,000,000)

Main Sale 200,000,000 NGC ($200,000,000)

NAGA’s Token Sale hard cap: 400,000,000 NGC.

Token Distribution

5% – NAGA’s Pre-Sale starts on the 20th of November and end on the 27th November. 20,000,000 (5%) NGC Tokens will be sold during the Pre-Sale with a 30% discount.

50% – Main Token Sale starts on the 1st of December and ends on the 15th of December. NGC Tokens available on the Main Sale: 200,000,000 (50%).

10% – M&A Reserve & Option Pool

12.5% – Legal & Advisory

5% – Bounty

17.5% – Team Tokens.

Token sale proceeds will be allocated as follows:

50% – Marketing / User Acquisition

6% – Salaries / Wages

4% – Regulatory License Acquisition

7% – Research & Development

8% – Bank-grade Security & Code Audit

4% – IT team & Infrastructure

8% – Licensing and Regulatory Compliance

3% – External Legal Services

3% – Blockchain Engineering & Testing

7% – Other Costs

The distribution officially ends on 07.01.2018. At this point in time the sale and purchase agreement of the NGC tokens entered into between the token subscribers and the token distributor will become legally effective and binding. After this no further tokens will be distributed. There will be no further tokens created after the hard cap is reached and the total amount of 400,000,000 NGC will not be exceeded. All unsold tokens will be burned.

New users of SwipeStox and Switex will be able to select NGC as the base currency and existing ones will have the option to use it as a payment method.

You can find more information by visiting NAGA’s website and their Bloomberg profile.




The post In the Wake of a Successful IPO on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, The NAGA Group AG Announces Upcoming NAGA Coin (NGC) Token Sale appeared first on NEWSBTC.

The post In the Wake of a Successful IPO on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, The NAGA Group AG Announces Upcoming NAGA Coin (NGC) Token Sale appeared first on

The post In the Wake of a Successful IPO on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, The NAGA Group AG Announces Upcoming NAGA Coin (NGC) Token Sale appeared first on Forex news – Binary options.

SPACOIN: The First Spa Project-Applied Blockchain in the World


Being an abstract concept, beauty has been constantly regarded as a standard to judge a person’s physical attractiveness. Nowadays, thanks to the successful contributions to continuously advanced technologies as well as the changes in defining and evaluating on “beauty”, the word of beauty care has become much more extensive and various. In addition, the trends of beauty care have remained changeable day by day. Even, at the time being, beauty care is not only a request but also a leading priority for almost every male or female individual. With the hope of making more dreams come true, the co-founders of Spa Foundation officially offered their products and service in public.

Until now, Spa Foundation has been recognized as the leading organization of beauty industry without applying cosmetic surgery in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia and on its way to conquer the whole Southeast Asian and Asian markets (Myanmar, Thailand). Its own target is to expand on the worldwide, playground in the nearest future.

In the past 3 years, having been continuously invested, developed and managed by talented and enthusiastic founders, Spa Foundation has become the biggest Spa chain in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia with 30 existing branches. Besides, with more than 300 dedicated and professional beauty techniques and more than 8 types of the most up-to-date beauty technologies, Spa foundation has served and satisfied more than 3.000.000 clients.

It’s been guaranteed that when coming to Spa Foundation, clients will be always supplied with the best beauty care services. Its owners also claim that they will continue improving Spa’s quality to live up to clients’ diverse demands.


In addition to following the slogan: “Bringing robust beauty and confidence to millions of Asian women”, all staffs of Spa Foundation has always been required to pay attention to its core values, including: delivering the beauty care services with the most advanced methods, improving the quality of Spa worldwide, minimizing costs and expenses, building an ecosystem for global beauty care, using natural extract product suitable for all skin types, giving the priority to customers ‘satisfaction, creating jobs for thousands, and connecting clients with various beauty care systems throughout Asia.


It’s time to create a beauty care ecology both at the micro and macro scale by which all Spas member can collaborate and share innovative and effective beauty care methods as well solutions to complicated problems related to marketing, developing strategies. In order to achieve these accomplishments, Spa Foundation has to possess a completely novel business service platform which will facilitate all Southeast Asian users to approach all beauty care products and services, fastening the application of blockchain on Spa coin as well as enable them to make extra income from cryptocurrency ownership. However, Spa’s very first action is to combine beauty care with the assistance of technology 4.0 to connect Spas.


Regulated by smart contracts, SpaCoin acts as an Ethereum-based Blockchain platform, which assists in improving the quality of beauty care in the world by creating and bringing together beautiful care solutions. Moreover, it develops the beauty care industry, creates market information and helps to solve the constraints on cross-border cosmetic trading and beauty care service. However, it’s believed that the users will control constructing a beauty industry in the future. As a result, it may lead to the disruption of the outdated conventional industries but create new ones.


Spa Foundation can facilitate clients’ voices to be heard more by creating and implementing the initial platform for reliable spa review. Then, caregivers will have access to valuable market research data and use them as strong tools to enhance the service as well as maintain the relations of loyal clients. A self-made smart agreement helps to minimize any technical related risks and ensure autonomy, confidence, speed, and safety for Spa Foundation’s review platform.

Once this application is carried out, Spa Foundation will receive an enormous variety of benefits. One of them is the opportunity to approach various beauty care services and reinforce the responsibilities of beauty technician towards clients and vice versa. This can be considered as a historic turning point in the roadmap of Spa Foundation to formulate the future for the beauty care industry.


The brand of Spa Foundation was officially created on August 11th, 2015. In the next two years, many different branches of Spa Foundation were opened all over the world. On May 4th2017, Spa Foundation had its own first branches of Cambodia, followed in Laos on September the biggest Spa chains in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. It‘s estimated that there will have been about 55 branches of Spa Foundation across Southeast Asia by the end of 2019 and 70 branches in 12 different countries by the end of 2012.



The first 50% of Spa’s operating profits will be used to re-invest in following projects supervised by Spa founders. Meanwhile, the remaining 50% of operating profits can be used to re-buy SpaCoin from the market. This will help to decrease global SpaCoin supply and increase its price.


The total number of issued Spa Foundation tokens is 150,000,000. The Spa Foundation token is a native Ethereum divisible digital token with up to 8 decimals places.


First of all, it’s planned that 50 more branches of Spa Foundation will be established throughout Southeast Asia at the end of the ICO. Next, we will pay attention to develop an independent blockchain system with the commitment of tokens to coins. After that, we will focus on designing and developing Spa’s application for cellphones with convenient and efficient functions, such as: locating, announcing and advertising new services, attractive promotions or updating new beauty care trends in the world. What’s more, payment method via SpaCoin ought to be widely stimulated by offering discount packages from 5-10%. Last but not least, an ecosystem, along with the dentistry, cosmetic shops, and other famous Spa Foundations should be built soon to provide clients with a strong and dynamic ecosystem.


There are two ways to join in Spa cryptocurrency: purchasing SpaCoin and earning SpaCoin via work. With the former, investors will use SpaCoin purchased before to invest in Spa’s upcoming projects and then, share dividends. For the latter, the business model that SpaCoin prefers is working for one another within this ecosystem while another business model adopted by the majority of the beauty care industry is using SpaCoin as a means of payment.


To facilitate the transactions via mobile app with Spacoins, Spa Foundation has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Trustpay. Trustpay is one of the leading pioneer company in Vietnam launching prepaid Visa/ Mastercard TRUSTcard. TRUSTpay is in operations with more than 220.000 TRUSTcard issued, 30.000 users accounts, 1,200 accepted transaction locations, 450 locations giving discounts rate if transactions are done via TRUSTpay, 3.800 online shops, 220 franchise partners. TRUSTpay’s strategic partners are well-known in the industry such as VNPT EPAY, Telepay, Webmoney Vietnam, Peacesoft. Having TRUSTpay as its strategic partners in this project, users can be at ease will all their Spacoins payment transactions via SPA mobile app.


For the first 40% of Business Development, it’s necessary to hunt an experienced and competent CEO who can build up and lead a qualified sale team. They are expected to put our best foot forward at beauty care seminars, conferences, fairs and other events. For next 20% of Marketing: the expenses will be used for partnership development and direct consumer marketing. With another 20% of Software and Infrastructure, the latest technologies play extremely important role in enabling us to perform our tasks and the platform is on the cutting edge of the industry. As for the remaining 20% of Contingencies, there are always unforeseen challenges that arise when operating a business and a certain amount of our budget will be allocated to deal with those types of circumstances.


In conclusion, with the considerable benefits and positive effects in terms of costs, quality and potential popularity of SpaCoin, we believe that this SpaCoin will be a disruptive factor in the beauty industry. It’s possible that this kind of cryptocurrency will make a historic revolution and infuse a fresh spirit in the beauty industry in particular and the development of society in general.


ICO Start Date 15:00 GMT, November 13th 2017
ICO End Date 15:00 GMT, November 26th 2017
Total Tokens Amount 150 000 000 SPA
Crowdsale Tokens Amount 80 000 000 SPA
Currency Accepted BTC, ETH


Round 1: 5,000,000 SPA token will be sold every day at 15:00 GMT.
Start: November 13th 2017
End: November 22th 2017
Token Exchange Rate: SPA/BTC = 0.000012 (1200 satoshi)

SPA/ETH rates will be updated on the website on a hourly basis.

Round 2: 7,500,000 SPA token will be sold every day at 15:00 GMT.
Start: November 23th 2017
End: November 26th 2017
Token Exchange Rate: SPA/BTC = 0.000012 (1200 satoshi).
SPA/ETH rates will be updated on the website once every hour.

Softcap: 300BTC ̴ 6000 ETH
Hardcap: 1200BTC ̴ 24000 ETH

Contact SpaCoin:

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Mashinsky and Governing Dynamics partner up with Micromoney

MicroMoney has another influential fund in its corner. Alex Mashinsky’s Governing Dynamics, a U.S.-Israeli venture fund investing into Israeli biotech startups, AI, cybersecurity and energy to scale up in the U.S., has taken MicroMoney in as a strategic partner, instrumental to increasing the impact and the heft of its portfolio companies’ operations.
Mr. Mashinsky’s track record in finding perfect matches for tech opportunities is impressive. Just recently, he was the lead of the group that won NYC’s MTA (subway operator) open bid to provide Wi-Fi underground. The project, called Transit Wireless, has a 25-year franchise and will add Wi-Fi to 300 stations. Mr. Mashinsky’s biggest project to date was launching and developing Arbinet, one of the largest telco exchanges in the world. With 2,500 phone companies as members and 20 billion transactions a year, the company merged with Primus Communications in 2011, generating a whopping $1.5 billion in annual revenues, only to sell its assets in 2012 and distribute $800 million to shareholders.
Mr. Mashinsky sees MicroMoney as a strategic player, fitting to join Governing Dynamics’ universe. The first portfolio partnership Mr. Mashinsky engineered is with decentralized credit lending platform Celsius Network.
Founded in 2015, MicroMoney has embarked o a mission to provide access to the unbanked audience for banks, trade, and financial organizations. It is a fast-growing company valued at $1.85 million (before the token distribution campaign), with over 85 employees in six international locations.
MicroMoney makes lending decisions using a proprietary, A.I. algorithms, machine learning, and Big Data based mobile scoring system. Its lending process doesn’t require any collateral or paper-based documentation. The company collects customers’ opt-in mobile phone data to establish potential borrowers’ credit score. After that, it uses the score to generate credit profiles, stored with MicroMoney Blockchain Credit Bureau, which in turn shares this data with financial institutions worldwide.

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SimplyVital Health welcomes iCare to its blockchain healthcare platform

SimplyVital Health (SVH), the blockchain for healthcare protocol welcomes leading clinical management consultancy iCare to its platform. SVH is transforming healthcare through its ConnectingCare platform, a blockchain-based data storage and analytics platform aimed at streamlining medical data storage and sharing. The leading edge technology has captured the attention of iCare that works to advise and coordinate a number of nursing facilities and other healthcare providers.

“We believe that the ConnectingCare platform will allow us to better understand our clinical and fiscal performance,” said David Skoczulek, VP Business Development at iCare. “This information periscope will enable us to be well-positioned within post-acute care networks, risk bundles and other partnerships in acute care.”

Through its ConnectingCare platform, SVH will support the assessment and management of patients in iCare’s signature Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) rehabilitation program, part of the Trinity Health NE post-acute care network and the Hoffman Heart and Vascular Institute at Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center in Hartford, Connecticut.

These post-hospitalization patients are staying in iCare post-acute facilities after a cardiac event or exacerbation of their disease. The ConnectingCare platform will support iCare’s focus on optimizing therapy, promoting recovery, and providing ongoing quality of life for patients experiencing congestive heart failure.

“Our partnership with iCare is, in many ways, an ideal pairing. iCare is a leader in this space and CHF rehabilitation is just the beginning of the opportunity we’ve discussed,” said Kat Kuzmeskas, CEO of SimplyVital. “Since its inception, SVH has envisioned a way to bridge the gap in post-acute patient management. This is why bringing iCare on board is so meaningful.”

SVH can solve significant pain points for the healthcare industry. At the moment patient data is streamed through a disparate and disconnected chain of stakeholders leading to what the broadcast journalist Walter Cronkite famously referred to as a healthcare system that is ‘neither healthy, caring, nor a system’. What SVH offers is a solution that leverages blockchain technology to offer a secure, yet decentralised record of patient data that allows all parties on the care pathway with one real-time view of patient data. SVH’s healthcare-grade blockchain platform offers huge benefits to an industry that is leaking $12bn every year due to poor communication by providing a distributed care management portal to bring efficiency gains and better clinical outcomes.

The blockchain platform ConnectingCare sits at the core of SVH and is the first in a staged approach to introducing HIPAA compliant blockchain services into healthcare. Phase two will see the development of Health Nexus, a deeper blockchain protocol to bring distributed access to data and smart contract capabilities. Mined only by compliant entities, Health Nexus puts data security front and center, empowering providers’ ability to offer value-based care across the broad spectrum of clinical affiliation.

HLTH Token

Health Nexus will be fuelled by the HLTH token that acts as an access and permissions token for the platform. HLTH is offered via a token sale launching on the 22nd of November at 17:00 UTC

For more information on the HLTH token sale visit

Join the SimplyVital Health Telegram group to discuss more about the project

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Cashaa to Partner with Agrello to Offer Borderless Financial Products

Cashaa, the next generation banking platform, is partnering with Agrello, a blockchain startup developing LegalTech solutions on the basis of smart-contracting technology, to support its series of decentralised global financial products. Agrello provides smart contract agreements that can be executed and managed remotely, enabling Cashaa to expand the range of financial services available through its unique platform. Products such as insurance, microfinancing and decentralised trading can now be made available remotely, to new audiences, with the benefit of robustness, transparency, and scalability to Cashaa users.

New Markets for Fintech

Cashaa aims to reach those markets where traditional methods of financing have failed, by pioneering financial products to millions of unbanked people across the world. Agrello makes remote contract management a possibility, lowering costs and bringing Cashaa’s vision to market faster. Agrello’s ‘self-aware’ agreements serve as proof that two parties entered into a contractual agreement, which is then stored on the blockchain as executable code. Being self-aware, the contracts are able to remind users of their obligations and deadlines, and when combined with integrated identity and digital signature services, can enable fast and secure contract conclusion.

Agrello’s management solutions are effective where the cost of engaging into a business relationship and writing agreements is high compared to the transaction value. Cashaa sees the potential for this technology to bring efficiency gains to decentralised trading on its existing FX platform, as well as to enable expansion into other areas such as insurance and micro-financing.

‘We think the Cashaa project is revolutionary in Fintech, it combines the potential of blockchain with vast increasing demand of P2P money transfers worldwide. We see huge potential in this cooperation’ Hando Rand, CEO and Co-founder, Agrello

Even existing legacy contracts can be expressed through Agrello’s text-to- code compiler reducing the setup time and costs for Cashaa customers.

CAS Token Sale

 Cashaa’s global FX platform is already in working beta and has over 12,700 registered users spread across 141 countries. The project features in the “Top 100 Most Influential Blockchain Companies in the world” list. To date, Cashaa has supported over 2,100 BTC of value transfer between different locations around the world. Cashaa platform is now introducing its native CAS token, that is available through a token sale open to the public on 6 November at 1700 UTC. Token holders will be able to access premium services, instant loans, obtain a credit score, create smart contracts for trading and participate in the governance mechanism of CAS tokens.

For more information or to participate for the crowdsale visit the website.

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