Are there any forex millionaires

In the late eighties I was reading the excellent book “Market Wizards” by Jack Shwager and was fascinated by a story of how ordinary people were taught to trade in just 14 days and went on to make hundreds of millions of dollars. Let’s take are there any forex millionaires look at the legendary story of the turtles.

Trading legend Richard Dennis was having a debate with his business partner and was trying to convince him anyone could be taught to trade, providing they had the right mindset and education. His partner disagreed and felt trading was a god given gift – Dennis set out to prove him wrong. He gathered a diverse group of people together, from all walks of life who only had one thing in common – they had never traded before. They were a very diverse group and ranged from a security guard, to a female auditor to a boy just finishing high school.

He then taught them to trade. After 14 days, they were all given trading accounts and real money and the rest is history. This group went on to make hundreds of millions of dollars and become trading legends. So what can you learn from the story? The first point is – trading success is open to anyone and all the basics of trading success can be learned. Sure, you may not become as rich as this group but there is a big difference between something being impossible and something that can be achieved.