Apache cli option builder binary

Fixed the issue where it was not possible to update a service plan via the CLI. IP anonymization was not actually apache cli option builder binary dut to broken log rotation. IP anonymization was not actually performed due to broken log rotation.

Fixed the issue where wrong inheritance of a subdomain’s PHP handler type resulted in broken PHP-FPM configuration. Fixed the issue where wrong PHP handlers were used and PHP-FPM configuration was broken for subdomains created via the CLI or XML API. New GDPR-compliant interface for installing plugins and themes is now available, completely replacing the old Addendio service. A couple of new default sets with Jetpack plugin were added.

Setup shortcut was added for those who want to quickly fine-tune their nginx caching settings. Smart Update service accuracy was improved. Also, confirmation prompts were added because everybody loves them. Toggling stuff like Debug or Maintenance Mode on an instance now immediately updates instance list filters.