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Why are banks making it so easy for fraudsters to open accounts? ALEX BRUMMER: Why have only American banks been alpari forex calculator india the task of selling RBS?

THE PRUDENT INVESTOR: Why I’m ditching these lousy fund managers who can’t even beat a robot! Revealed: The most viewed overseas homes for sale including a Majorcan villa once featured on hit TV show Love Island – which exotic pad would you pick? A potentially ‘violent’ stock market crash could be on the horizon as financial markets become dangerously stretched, a think-tank has warned. The Bank of International Settlements said that suspiciously low levels of volatility in the markets seen this year suggest a lack of liquidity that could trip up investors who assume they can dispense of assets when a sell-off begins. The speech came as the FTSE 100 index suffered another day of losses, dropping 2. 8 per cent and mirroring falls across Europe: Greece’s stock market trading was down 9 per cent at one point today.

The BIS has warned of a ‘violent’ market crash as low volatility in the markets continues despite a series of major global and political problems. While there is more forward guidance from central banks in place than in the past, investors do not have to believe it’. Problems with subsequent sell-offs are also compounded as interest rates remain at zero across much of the industrial world. That is a point we haven’t started from before.