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Infographic: What is a Mutual Fund? How Long Does It Take to Hit 50 Million Users? Why do the exchange rates 27 bitcoin charts currencies fluctuate?

How is the country’s energy generated, and how is it consumed? Commodities have kicked off the year as the top performing asset class. There is a staggering amount of plastic debris swirling around our oceans. The legal cannabis industry is coming out of the dark. This data on the price of beer is fresh from the tap.

Interactive: Comparing Asian Powers to the U. Which state could be hit hardest by a trade war? 10,000 Bitcoin View the high resolution version of today’s graphic by clicking here. People’s Bank of China announces that it’s implementing a freeze on ICO funding. Note: These time periods are calculated based on closing prices for the Bitcoin Price Index on Coindesk.

10,000 bitcoin is an incredible one, it is part of a wider story as well. ICOs happened in this year alone. 8 billion have been raised through ICOs in total. Further, they’ve been profitable as well for speculators. Despite being temporarily banned in China and South Korea, ICOs have not been slowing down. Note: this article was originally published on Nov.

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Mornings are better with Visual Capitalist. Bitcoin seems to be the hot topic these days. I send out a couple of bitcoin charts and the twitterati goes wild. It’s a quick tell that there is certainly interest. It was not quite like this before Bitcoin was able to exceed the 2013 highs. But once prices got going and all-time highs became a regular thing, the cults start to follow.

Contrary to popular belief, the price of Bitcoin hasn’t just gone straight up. The cryptocurrency, in fact, has gone through a series of very symmetrical and well-defined corrections along the way. Today we’re taking a look at Bitcoin from multiple time horizons to get both long-term and short-term perspective using our Fibonacci tools. When it comes to setting traditional prices targets and risk management levels, it becomes a challenge when the stock or asset in question has never traded there. In other words, where do we look for overhead supply when we’re in uncharted territory? We use the Fibonacci sequence for this purpose. Once prices earlier this year exceeded the 2013 highs, the next logical level was approximately 1875, which is the 161.

These levels can act as both support and resistance. In this case, Bitcoin prices exceeded 1875 to reach the 2930 level, which is the 261. Notice how prices then came back down to successfully retest that 1875 level, acknowledging the new found support. Remember, these levels were not drawn after the fact.

After that retest of 1875 this Summer, prices went on to break out once again above the former highs near 2930 resistance. This Fibonacci sequence became resistance once again. It’s impossible to ignore the fact that following that 4640 level being met, prices returned to the 2930 support level and retested that 261. This is almost to the penny.