20 monthly return forex cargo

The 20 monthly return forex cargo’ on Price Action Trading. In 2016, Nial won the Million Dollar Trader Competition.

Focusing on quality of trades over quantity of trades is the quickest way to make money in the markets. By preparing your trading strategy and trading plan before you begin trading with real money you will put the odds of success in your favor while diminishing the chances of becoming an emotional trader who loses money. The keys to making the one-trade-per-week strategy work for you are being disciplined and patient. Let’s first take a look at the math behind the 1 trade per week strategy to see how it can lead to a very decent yearly return.

Some people may be more aggresive and some people may be more conservative with their capital risk management. Please understand that you should only risk an amount per trade that you are completely comfortable with. So, let’s say 21 winners and 31 losers over the course of a year. 5,000 starting balance over the course of a year. Now, let’s dissect this a bit so that you understand the significance of these examples.

I’m willing to bet if you go look at your trading account history right now you have executed way more than 52 trades in the last year. In fact, some of you have probably executed 52 trades just this week or month. It’s one thing to discuss a hypothetical example scenario, but it’s another thing to actually make it work for you in reality. So, what do you need to do to really make the one trade a week strategy work for you? The obvious trait that is required here is self-discipline. You need to be disciplined enough to only trade the most obvious trade setup each week, and this might mean you don’t trade at all some weeks.

Also, you may have to endure strings of multiple losing trades, so you need to have the discipline to not over-trade or over-leverage even if you have just had 5 losing trades in a row. The point here is that you want to think longer-term about your trading and try and set an approximate goal of only trading 4 times a month, which will result in about 52 trades a year. I am just trying to show you that by trading less frequently than you probably are right now you can make a very decent return by learning to be a disciplined price action trader. Next, you need to have patience to make the one trade a week strategy work for you. Perhaps the best way to become a patient trader is to master one Forex strategy at a time, this way you will have total confidence in your trading ability and you will know exactly what you are looking for in the market.