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A teacher flogging a pupil in a secondary school. Six months ago, a 20 lots forex factory servant in Enugu State, Mr.

Edward Uchendu, could not contain his annoyance when he saw a teacher pushed a four-year-old child to the ground and beat her with her palms. When Uchendu confronted the teacher for inflicting harm on the child, the teacher claimed she was merely disciplining the child. I went close to the classroom and asked her to stop or else I will report the matter to the state Ministry of Education and the police. The sound of the beating attracted my attention. The incident happened in a private school in Achara Layout and passers-by could hear the sound of her palms on the child.

What if the child suddenly slumps or dies, what explanation will she give? Uchendu said to the News Agency of Nigeria. A similar complaint was made by Mrs. Chioma Eze, who said her five-year-old child was always complaining of chest pain which medical test revealed was due to corporal punishment she received in school.

Eze said her child told her that their teacher always used her palms to hit pupils in the back anytime they did something wrong in the classroom. Smacking or spanking pupils is not new in Nigerian schools. Education experts define corporal punishment as a form of reprimand such as caning or flogging which some parents and teachers utilise to correct recalcitrant and errant children. However, there is a raging debate about whether or not corporal punishment should be adopted as a correctional method of raising responsible pupils. This controversial punitive practice widely adopted in school settings has generated more concerns especially as it worsens the physical abuse of pupils. Recent cases of deaths of pupils caused by corporate punishment have seemingly justified those calling for its abolition.